‘Food, Inc.’ Filmmaker Robert Kenner Appears on The Bonnie Hunt Show Today

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Food, Inc. - director Robert Kenner

Food, Inc. director Robby Kenner will be appearing on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” today to talk about the film, the DVD, the issues, the environment, POV’s potluck campaign and more. Also on the show will be actor/environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr., discussing what we all can do in our daily lives to be a bit more “green.” Find out where you can see Bonnie’s nationally syndicated talk show at her website. It should be lively and fascinating.

If you missed Food, Inc. on PBS, watch it on our website starting today through next Thursday, April 29. And there’s still time to get involved with your friends in our national potluck campaign! Check out our website for recipes, party tips, free gift baskets, info on bloggers and partners and more: http://www.pbs.org/pov/foodinc/potluck.php.

Cathy Fisher
Cathy Fisher
As POV's senior manager for communications, Cathy publicizes POV's programs and initiatives to media and consumers. She joined POV in 2003 after five years as manager of program press relations at PBS. Previously, she served as public relations director at Bravo and the Independent Film Channel; Group W Satellite Communications, where she managed PR for TNN: The Nashville Network; Westwood One Radio Networks; and D.L. Blackman, where she promoted classical music artists and IMAX movies. She was also the manager of press, advertising and promotion for NBC and ABC Radio. Cathy's favorite documentaries are: 1. Inheritance - James Moll 2. Innocence Lost trilogy - Ofra Bikel 3. The Natural History of the Chicken - Mark Lewis 4. Street Fight - Marshall Curry 5. Suicide Killers - Pierre Rehov
  • Vicky Leichleiter

    FOREIGNID: 23848
    Thank you God, for bringing up Robert Kenner and his cohorts.

  • M

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    Such an eye opener, I am aghast at what we have become, how we choose to keep our eyes closed to the REAL REALITY show we are living!!
    Thank you PBS for opening my eyes, thank you for ALL you do!!!

  • EB

    FOREIGNID: 23909
    Food, Inc. is an amazing documentary. I am so glad that I happened to flip through the channels in time to learn all about the food I eat. It makes me sick to learn that making a buck is more important that the health of the human race. Thank you PBS for showing this documentary. I am going to tell everyone I know to watch it online for their own safety and knowledge.

  • Barbara Lano

    FOREIGNID: 23914
    Please show this program to every school and to the public at every opportunity. Thank you, PBS, for exposing these facts. I’m ashamed to see that not all Americans have the right to be heard. Please continue to provide this kind of information.

  • Dinah

    FOREIGNID: 24015
    Hats off to that dairyman who chooses not to give his cows grain and does it the natural way. Wish there were more like him. I have dairys and feedlots all around where I live and its getting to where our air isn’t clean anymore. All high production!

  • Janet Berkebile

    FOREIGNID: 24036
    I was truly amazed, shocked, and educated by the Food,Inc documentary! I purchased the DVD and the book, and I am sharing it with as many of my family and friends as possible, who want to see it. BUT, this needs to be put out on primetime tv. It needs to get to the young mothers who think this is “only a video to make you buy something”. At least that is what one of my relatives have said about it and they have refused to watch it.
    Some people truly amaze me with their ignorance. This needs to be seen by every American!

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    I thank you to help Abercrombie and Fitchmaking people more aware of possible issues.