Reminder: Live Chat with ‘Food, Inc.’ Filmmaker Today

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Food, Inc. director Robert KennerGot a question or comment for Food, Inc. director and producer, Robert Kenner? Visit the POV website this afternoon at 2 pm ET for a live chat with Kenner. In the meantime, watch our exclusive video interview with Kenner, recorded shortly after Food, Inc. was nominated for the 2010 Academy Award.

  • Orange Crush Kitchen

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    How exciting! Thanks for making this film, it truly is inspiring and hopefully eye-opening. Read recently that the way to start a revolution was to harness the people’s righteous anger…. I believe you may have done just that!
    P.S- ironically, that “captcha” word for this post was “bisquick” LOL

  • Jeannie Powell

    FOREIGNID: 24162
    I loved the documenty and have begun to make many changes. I want to join the fight for new regulations to he Food Industry. I have a more personal interest, as I am a breast cancer survivor. It is the denial of our rights not to
    know what’s in the foods that we eat. I want to be a part of any organization that is pushing legislation for these changes. I would also like to go on your mailing list.
    Thank You,

  • jacqui wenzel

    FOREIGNID: 24299
    Check out Energy up to get involved, lead by Voltage, to learn more about coruption in the food industry.

  • chrs peters

    FOREIGNID: 24572
    In the Post Dispatch Parade Magazine…May 23, 2010 …states that the ENVIRONEMTAL PROTECTION AGENCY WAS GIVEN POWER in 1977, OVER TESTING AND PROTECTING THE PUBLIC FROM SOME 60,000 CHEMICALS..Since then, we have INCREASED the numbers OF CHEMICALS IN USE….TO….80,000 CHEMICALS in our environment…TO DATE, THEY HAVE TESTED ONLY 200 AND BANNED THE USE OF ONLY 5….YOU CAN COUNT THE BAD CHEMICALS ON ONE HAND….The EPA is looking to expand its control over the testing of chemicals…It would be safe to say that THE EPA has been run by the chemical companies….and we should stop the expansion of control by the EPA…..WHAT WILL THEY DO TO US, NEXT? We are lied to on every level…..Our government is not protecting us…We are not running our own government….The Corporations are…
    All regulatory Agencies should NOT be run by the industries they are regulating…..THAT MEANS ALL AGENCIES OVER ALL RELATED INDUSTRIES SHOULD BE STOPPED……BY THE PEOPLE…
    THE RISING INCIDENCE OF CANCER IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE INCREASE OF POISONS….WE USE AS PERFUMES (PESTICIDES) TO Artificial Sweeteners linked with Lymphoma and Leukemia….and everything in our lives..everyday….
    We are ingesting some 20 or more chemicals by mouth everyday,NOT KNOWING SO……(that number is probably higher, as we are lied to on most everything in the media)
    Not to mention that the FDA passes drugs with only two positive trials…while it may have 16 negative trials.. that is where all the disclaimers, recalls, and class action suits are coming from… All Poisons….
    And our people still listen to to our Doctors with AMA protocol who are run by the same chemical companies… According to a book….Death by Medicine by 3 Doctors and 2 PhD’s…

  • Pat Jennings

    FOREIGNID: 27484
    WOW!!! What an eye opener! I have a very large family and we have leaned toward organic foods but after watching this we will be changing our shopping completely. Thanks for the info!!