We May Have an App for That!

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POV on Android

POV and PBS are meeting in D.C. tomorrow to talk about PBS plans for cellphone content. We imagine that you’d probably like to see an optimized POV site homepage, a streamlined TV schedule and perhaps an easier way to view video, but we want to know what apps or other content you’d like to see from POV on your mobile phone.

Tell us what you want in the comments. Thanks!

  • http://www.BULKFlims.com Joseph

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    SHORT content. 30 seconds, 60 seconds. Short films, educational spots, PSAa (upbeat and entertaining ONLY). Basically, like ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ for the mobile generation. It’s missing from my iPhone at the moment…

  • Todd Heintz

    FOREIGNID: 24152
    online schedule, online summery, online podcast, online links for more information

  • Jesse

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    I see that you’re using a picture of the Android emulator, so if you decide to go the app route, I hope you don’t forget Android.