Catch Yoruba Richen Talking About ‘Promised Land’ on NPR

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Yoruba RichenYoruba Richen will be on several radio shows talking about the issues in Promised Land (tonight on PBS at 10:00 pm) and her experiences making the documentary. Today at 11:30 am ET/8:30 am PT, she will be on KPFA Berkeley’s Morning Show, then she’ll be on WNYC Radio, New York’s Leonard Lopate Show at 1:00 pm ET. Yoruba will also be on Democracy Now! television and radio nationally today. Tomorrow, catch her on NPR’s Talk of the Nation at 3:00 pm (times vary; check local listings).

Cathy Fisher
Cathy Fisher
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  • howard

    FOREIGNID: 25319
    I just watched the documentary about the land recovery in South Africa.
    As a U.S. citizen with friends in Africa, I was curious to learn more about their approach in solving a generational problem.
    My hope is that this is a solution to one of the problems facing Africa. Finally, the commentary by Ms. Richen at the end of the program regarding, what can America learn from the reperations in Africa made me stumble.
    Ms. Richen are you suggesting that we turn the title of the U.S.A. back to the remaining Native Americans and kick everyone else out? Do you have your bags packed?

  • Chris Roberts

    FOREIGNID: 25336
    In The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, she explains how everybody was so excited about the politics of the new nation, they forgot about the economics. However the international consultants, born of decades of experience, did not forget and made sure the appropriate positions were filled by the same pre-apartheid people. Other than that, great movie. I love Africa and its people.