Tonight on ‘Need to Know on PBS’: Daniel Ellsberg

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POV blog - Need to Know logoBe sure to tune in to Need to Know on PBS tonight for an interview with Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower and the subject of next week’s POV special, The Most Dangerous Man in America.

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  • Kevin Boulton

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    Why is my local PBS affiliate playing this film at 4AM? Thanks KNME.

  • marla mason

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    What struck me hardest was the fact that the term “above top secret” was used during the kissinger piece. And by all indications this aspect to our representative government is surely being continued to this day. Who and what is running pursuits in our country? Just as an example of what I know personally; I saw drone aircraft in 1972 being operated domestically. I am quite clear in my mind that it was at a research phase then, but 1972 ? only in recent years have collectively known of them.. makes me wonder about “above top secret clearance”