Video Slideshow: Presidential Documentaries Released in Election Years

View video from some of the most influential and controversial documentaries released in the midst of U.S. presidential campaigns.

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1940: Wendell Willkie

Republican nominee

The Truth About Taxes
Producer: Republican National Committee

This campaign video was an attack on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and tax policies, comparing them to the similar failed policies from 1930s France. However, its most bold claim was that FDR’s seeking of a third term was akin in corruption “to totalitarian nations of the Old World that plunged Europe into war.” The film then proceeds to show images of German soldiers and Hitler. His criticism of FDR’s re-election found some traction amongst voters, but FDR would go on to win this election in 1940 and a fourth term in 1944.

Result: Not elected.

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Kapish Singla
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