David Nanasi

Journalism Lives! Or Does It?

“Journalism is not dead!” was the defiant cry from Thursday night’s Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards. Columbia Journalism School Dean Nicholas Lemann exhorted the “connected crowd” to turn off their phones and go off the grid for an hour to celebrate the journalistic achievements of their colleagues. The awards, presented as they have been since

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What happens when you’re sick and uninsured in America?

Roger Weisberg‘s Critical Condition, which airs this fall on POV, answers the question with the stories of four individuals who struggle with health problems without insurance: together with their loved ones, they are forced to confront difficult financial and emotional decisions as they fight for their lives. It’s a problem that faces a sixth of

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Envirodocs: The Day Before the Day After Tomorrow

In light of Earth Day yesterday, the environment is on everyone’s minds. Or is it? How prominent are environmental stories the day after Earth Day? There’s no shortage of docs sounding the environmental crisis alarm. By all accounts we’re half way to Armageddon, with the environmental situation so precarious only the swiftest about-face in energy

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