Irene Villasenor

An International Conversation About Youth & Media Literacy

Irene Villaseñor is POV’s Youth Views manager. She was recently inspired by some presentations at a conference on youth media and education around the world. She writes in to share her thoughts. Last weekend I attended Media: Overseas Conversations 5, an International Conference on Media, Education and Youth. Media educators from the Middle East, Asia,

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Raising Voter Rights Awareness around ‘Election Day’ and APA Heritage Month

Irene Villaseñor is POV’s Youth Views manager. Youth Views is a project that works with youth, educators, and youth-serving organizations to use POV films as a tool for youth engagement. Irene writes in today to talk about how communities can organize around the 2008 POV film Election Day to reduce voter disenfranchisement, and her own

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