Chris White Chris is POV's director of programming and production. He and his team work closely with the executive director in the areas of programming, production and PBS station relations. Previously, he worked as associate producer and production office manager on the documentary Blue Vinyl (HBO, 2002). Chris spent a number of years as vice president of sales and acquisitions at Angelika Films International, and at BNN-TV in New York as associate producer on projects for the History Channel and the Smithsonian Museum. He also produced the children's program An Introduction to the Italian Renaissance for the Museo Italo-Americano in San Francisco. Chris's top five documentaries (this month) are: 1. First Person Plural, Deann Borshay Liem 2. Hybrid, Monteith McCollum 3. Tintin and I, Anders Østergaard 4. Fog of War, Errol Morris 5. Crumb, Terry Zwigoff