Ruiyan Xu

“The Way We Get By” Receives IFP and Fledgling Fund Grant for Outreach and Community Engagement

The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) has teamed up with The Fledgling Fund to award the first The Fledgling Fund Outreach and Engagement Grant for Social Issue Documentaries to The Way We Get By, which aired on POV this week. We send our congratulations to filmmakers Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly for this fantastic honor. For

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Vote for POV

POV has long had a presence at SXSW’s film festival. For SXSW 2010, we’ve submitted a panel idea to SXSW Interactive. Please vote for our panel, titled “First Person Storytelling: My So-Called Digital Life.” Moderator Amanda Hirsch, who writes the Outside the Frame column for this blog, will recruit an array of digital storytellers to

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Last Day to Watch “Beyond Hatred” Online

Beyond Hatred, which aired on June 30, is streaming online in its entirety until midnight tonight! Don’t miss this amazing film, which follows a family in France as they struggle to deal with the aftermath of their son’s murder by three skinheads. With remarkable dignity, the Chenu family fights to transcend hatred and the inevitable

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