POV 2008: Belarusian Waltz

POV Receives 10 Emmy Nominations!

We were thrilled to wake up to the news that POV has received a record 10 nominations for the 30th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards! We’re also excited to hear that PBS received 41 nominations, more than any other network. Congratulations to all our filmmakers and all the nominated programs! The nominated films from

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What’s Your POV about ‘Belarusian Waltz’?

Belarus, one of the nations formed in 1991 from the breakup of the Soviet Union, is a strange and little-known country in a region of growing strategic importance, a country that’s been called “Europe’s last dictatorship.” In filmmaker Andrezj Fidyk’s Belarusian Waltz, one man — post-modern performance artist Alexander Pushkin — is determined to challenge

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2008 POV Preview: ‘Belarusian Waltz’

On August 12th, POV will broadcast Belarusian Waltz by Andrzej Fidyk. The film features an idiosyncratic man named Alexander Pushkin, who shares a name with the great Russian Romantic poet, but turns out to be a different breed of artist altogether. Belarus has been called “Europe’s last dictatorship.” Since 1994, Alexander Lukashenko has ruled the

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