POV 2008: Critical Condition

Critical Condition: Get Involved

According to a recent poll conducted by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Americans say that health care is one of the most important issues in the 2008 presidential election. Roger Weisberg’s film Critical Condition paints a disturbing and gripping portrait of what happens when you’re sick and uninsured in America. As health care becomes

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What happens when you’re sick and uninsured in America?

Roger Weisberg‘s Critical Condition, which airs this fall on POV, answers the question with the stories of four individuals who struggle with health problems without insurance: together with their loved ones, they are forced to confront difficult financial and emotional decisions as they fight for their lives. It’s a problem that faces a sixth of

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Questions for ‘Critical Condition’ Filmmaker Roger Weisberg

With Critical Condition, Roger Weisberg takes an unflinching look at what it’s like to be sick and uninsured in America. He took a few minutes to answer some questions about his film and why health care and universal health insurance should be a critical issue during this election year. Critical Condition will have its broadcast

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