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Giveaway: Win a Pair of Combo Passes to the Inaugural CBGB Festival

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Congratulations to winner @Darthbx!

Who wants to rock next weekend at the inaugural CBGB Festival?

To those among you that say the world doesn’t need any more festivals, be they focused on docs, food, film, music or moshing, I say, “Feh!”

There’s always some new way to combine and create culture and lo and behold, we’re on the eve of the first CBGB festival, a four-day fest that kicks off on July 5th and features a slew of documentaries, films and bands. CBGB is the Manhattan music spot that was the launching dirt hole for musical acts like Blondie, the Ramones and Talking Heads. Why are they featuring documentaries? I’m not sure, but when you check out their lineup, you’ll see that it was smartly curated to rock hard but still carry a tune.

In honor of this festival that honors the bygone CBGB, a place where the Soup Man himself used to let his ears get blown out by subfare hardcore (I missed the CBGB’s golden era of the 70s and early 80s), I invite you to do one of two things: tweet your favorite CBGB moment or tell us what you most look forward to at the CBGB festival. Either way, you’ll be entered into a random drawing for a pair of Music/ Film Combo passes to see any and all shows or films of your choice.

You can enter by leaving your comment below or tweeting it to me at @docsoupman with the hashtag #cbgb. I’ll need to hear from you by Monday July 2, 2012 at 5 PM. Remember — this is a random drawing. To read the official rules, click here. The entry period for this giveaway has closed.

To get you started, here are some of my favorite memories and events I look forward to at the festival.

Ska at CBGB
In the mid-80s, ska was this music that came down from planet Jamaica where English rudeboys ruled and black and white suits were the uniform. I didn’t understand it, but I loved to dance to that frenetic beat. It’s all a blur now, but I think I recall seeing the Connotations, a ska band out of Stuyvesant High School, kill it at CBGB, before an incredible set from The Toasters.

Oh, what shame. I still haven’t seen this much beloved documentary about the divergent paths of two rock bands, the Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the relationship between the bands’ founders. I’ll try to catch it this time around.

Ben Lee: Catch my Disease
I remember when Ben Lee came on the scene but I don’t recall when he disappeared from it. Labeled a “profoundly intimate portrait,” by the rocker himself, I’m just curious about this documentary.

24 Hour Party People and Sid & Nancy
I could chart my adolescence on an arc between New Order and The Sex Pistols, the subjects of these two great fictional films about real life musicians which are both screening at the festival.

What? Fishbone is playing live to finish out the fest?! I have to be there. In tandem with the screening of the great, and kind of sad, documentary about the band, Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, the real guys will be taking the stage. But will Dr. Madd Vibe?

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Tom Roston
Tom Roston
Tom Roston is a guest columnist for POV's documentary blog. He comes to us as a ten-year veteran of Premiere magazine, where he was a Senior Editor, and where he wrote the column, Notes from the Dream Factory. Tom was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from Brown University and started his career in journalism at The Nation and then Vanity Fair. Tom has also written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, GQ, New York, Elle and other publications. Tom's favorite documentaries are: 1. Koyanisqaatsi - Godfrey Reggio 2. Hoop Dreams - Steve James 3. The Up series - Michael Apted 4. Crumb - Terry Zwigoff 5. Capturing the Friedmans - Andrew Jarecki
  • GK Stritch

    My fav CBGB moment? When I met Marc Bell who was then in the Voidoids and a few days later became the drummer in a little band called the Ramones. Yep. And guess who started dating? And got up close and personal while fun stuff happened?

    CBGB Was My High School, kids, and school’s out forever. Read all about it.

  • GK Stritch

    whoops, forgot the photo…1978

  • sta27

    Before my time, but I would love to be entered.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite CBGB moment was when I went there at 13 years old ’78, got in with some older friends and saw Hell on Wheels and The Mumps. All I remember was the guitarist from Hell on Wheels wearing large, dark sunglasses and a bandana and the female singer wearing leopard spandex.  

  • Stephanie Jenkins

    The conference looks amazing! Would love to go to sessions like “Don’t Worry About Your Gear.”

  • Troston

    Thanks to those who gave it a shot. All I can say is if CBGB’s was your High School, The Ritz was my recess. Saw so many great shows there…

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  • Brad

    Simply put, CBGB rocks.   Definitely a ‘must’ on everyone’s bucket list.