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Doc Soup: Something Rotten in the House of Docs?

There’s something rotten in the house of docs, or so it was declared at last week’s Independent Filmmaker Conference panel discussion entitled "Cage Match: Filmmaking or Social Activism?," expertly moderated by POV’s very own Yance Ford. Ford kicked things off with the question, "Is the medium in an identity crisis?" And panelist Nick Fraser, of

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Doc Soup: Remastered Vietnam War Doc “Hearts and Minds” Back in Theaters

What’s this?!?! A documentary film being remastered and restored and re-released to theaters like it were a regular….classic film? Okay, so maybe this is not the first time, but it seems that Hearts and Minds, the 1974 Academy Award-winning doc about the Vietnam War, certainly got the royal treatment for its re-release to theaters on

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Doc Soup: Looking Beyond the Buzzing Blogosphere

Have you been following the buzz over the last couple of weeks in the blogosphere about the state of ThinkFilm, one of the more recent doc champions (behind Spellbound, Murderball and Taxi to the Dark Side)? Like a three-martini buzz, it can be intoxicating, making it difficult to make sense of what’s what. There have

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Doc Soup: More From Sundance, and the Cinema Eye Honors

I’m writing this post while waiting on line for Morgan Spurlock‘s latest doc, the much anticipated Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? (Sample chatter from other people waiting in the queue: “I love Morgan.” “Me too, but I was still thinking of going to eat at McDonald’s before this.”) Things have been busy

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Doc Soup: Changing the World Through Docs

Made any good docs lately? I just recently sat down with director Jehane Noujaim (, Control Room), and she told me about an impressive project she’s working on. First, let me ask how many filmmakers under the age of 35 (Jehane is 33) have managed to knock out two great, successful, critically-praised, culturally-significant docs? Jehane

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