Tom RostonIndependent journalist Tom Roston checks in and writes about the world of documentaries in his column, Doc Soup.

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Doc Soup: Top 10 Doc Films with a Social Agenda

We’ve been talking a lot lately in the Doc Soup kitchen about really well made documentaries that actually effect change, so I’ve compiled a list of the Most Aesthetically Accomplished Documentary Films that Come with a Social Agenda. I’m not going to include war documentaries, although there happen to be several excellent ones (Operation Homecoming:

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Doc Soup: Something Rotten in the House of Docs?

There’s something rotten in the house of docs, or so it was declared at last week’s Independent Filmmaker Conference panel discussion entitled "Cage Match: Filmmaking or Social Activism?," expertly moderated by POV’s very own Yance Ford. Ford kicked things off with the question, "Is the medium in an identity crisis?" And panelist Nick Fraser, of

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Doc Soup: Doc Highlights at the Toronto International Film Festival

What a great film festival. Maybe it’s how lovely Toronto is in September. Maybe it’s the enthusiastic audiences. Maybe it’s the great restaurants. Or maybe it’s how the festival treats otherwise art-house fare like big blockbusters. These are just a few of the reasons I have always loved the Toronto International Film Festival over the

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Doc Soup: Daydreaming About The Edge of Dreaming

I had a dream… A Hollywood agent was sitting on a yoga mat somewhere in Santa Monica and a studio executive was sitting next to him. They began to talk. Hollywood Agent: Look, last night I saw this reality show on PBS… Studio Executive: …I think they call them documentaries… HA: Yeah, maybe. Whatever. So,

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Doc Soup: Presumed Guilty

I found Presumed Guilty, which airs tonight on POV (10 PM, check local listings), very compelling. It’s the kind of doc that left me with several burning questions — so I decided to follow up with the lawyers-turned-filmmakers directly. Roberto Hernández graciously responded.   Doc Soup Man: Since the Thin Blue Line, as far as

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