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Doc Soup: Restrepo

Should one buy popcorn before watching a documentary about the cruel (albeit, sometimes thrilling) realities of war? That’s one of the confounding contradictions posed by a theatrically-released war documentary such as Restrepo, the Sundance documentary that was directed by Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington. Are we supposed to enjoy watching documentaries, like any other good

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Doc Soup: Remastered Vietnam War Doc “Hearts and Minds” Back in Theaters

What’s this?!?! A documentary film being remastered and restored and re-released to theaters like it were a regular….classic film? Okay, so maybe this is not the first time, but it seems that Hearts and Minds, the 1974 Academy Award-winning doc about the Vietnam War, certainly got the royal treatment for its re-release to theaters on

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