1968: Hubert Humphrey

Democratic Nominee

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Hubert Humphrey: What Manner of a Man
Director: Robert Richter

Produced by multi-award-winning director Robert Richter, this half-hour telecast was shown on broadcast television seven times. In The Election Games and How to Win It, Joseph Napolitan writes that the film “did more to help Humphrey begin his climb in the polls than any other single thing in the campaign… I can’t think of another single incident, speech, program, film, statement that had the impact on the American public that film had.”

Even if the film was the most significant factor in the rise in Humphrey’s numbers, he would go on to lose the presidency to Richard Nixon in one of the closest elections in American history.

Richter is said to have felt that the election’s results would have been reversed if the film had been completed a few days earlier.

Result: Not elected.

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