Jackie, Lynn and Sue, as seen in Seven Up!,
the first film in the Up series (Photo: First Run Pictures).
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The eighth film in the Up series, 56 Up, premieres this month in the UK. At seven-year intervals since 1964’s Seven Up!, director Michael Apted has interviewed a majority of the original fourteen children from varying economic and social backgrounds about changes in their lives, careers, families, viewpoints and hopes. (49 Up was broadcast on POV in 2007).

The series has provided an integral and culturally significant longitudinal study of ordinary lives in action — at once — personal and political.

In light of the premiere of latest installment, we compiled eight extraordinary documentaries whose stories have unfolded over many years, sometimes decades, and where time became a vital component of the unfolding narrative.

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Kapish Singla is a Winter 2012 intern with POV Digital. He has previously interned at Cinereach and Rooftop Films. He holds a bachelor's degree from Wesleyan University in anthropology.