POV Hackathon 3 will take place April 13-14, 2013, in New York City.

If you’re a filmmaker or developer interested in cross-platform, web-based storytelling, apply to be part of it by March 12, 2013!

The POV team will be matching up applicants to create teams who will work intensively together over one weekend to create something new.

Are you in? Good. Get ready to apply by checking out:

Apply now to POV Hackathon 3 »

What is a Hackathon?

POV’s hackathon is inspired by the “hack days” of the open-source development community and companies such as Facebook and Google. In a traditional hackathon, software coders collaborate outside of the usual corporate constraints in compressed time frames (usually fueled by pizza and energy drinks) to solve a problem.

With POV Hackathon, we add independent producers into the mix, adding their creativity and expertise in social-issue storytelling. POV pairs filmmakers with developers based on their Hackathon applications.

Once matched, the teams participate in a pre-Hackathon orientation session to prepare media (video, photos, data…) and made decisions about software and tools. Then, over two days, the teams work together to produce a working prototype.

More questions? Ask us at hackathon@pov.org. Visit pov.org/hackathon to apply, explore previous projects and find out more. Good luck!