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  • sonia

    This film hasn’t made that much money and the reviews seem to be mixed.  I don’t know why it’s heralded as a crowdfunding success story.      

  • Matt Groff

    Sorry to state the obvious, but it is a crowdfunding success story because the project was very successful at crowdfunding.  It’s not like every project that posts a video and description on Kickstarter gets magically funded.  

  • Lisa

    As an entrepreneur who has struggled and finally succeeded
    in landing angel capital, I think kickstarter is a great concept and will gain
    traction for artistic pursuits and other innovative concepts.  We don’t have an absence of fresh ideas; we
    have an absence of access to capital to exploit those ideas.

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  • Sarah Marshall

    This is amazing! I can’t believe it, her team did an awesome job with kickstarter! If you are interested in helping out an upcoming documentary with a kickstarter campaign ending in about 9 days, check out this one! It’s called “American Bear: An Adventure in the Kindness of Strangers”

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  • Reincarnating My Own Life 2013

    I don’t know if I’m a year too late to have Ms. Fox read this, but I hope the best for her, I hope she is able to have the beautiful child that I feel she deserves, and a REAL MAN that will be hers, and only hers…

    After watching her Special several times, I at first kind of judged her(Part 1 of her documentary), but then I had the great opportunity to watch the 2nd part, and I feel after viewing her special, that I found her to be a very Special person in the most positive way…she has the full ability to love others from around the World, to have many different types of friends, to protect them, to give them advice, but I think she needs to hear this:

    Please love yourself first, give yourself time off from men because maybe if not already you perhaps should appreciate your great inner humanitarian qualities that you obviously possess…by defending the one young lady from the UK who was trying to start a singing career, and had to deal with a difficult individual, and you were Brave enough to stand up, and take the risk of your own life to save another one by face to face in the middle of the night in a foreign land, telling this male that tried to harm that young lady…you could have been killed, but you knew that the right thing to do was to protect your fellow human being.

    You are Kind, Generous, and from what I’ve seen, Humble as well.

    We all make mistakes, and we all may not have the support system necessary to avoid some of the things that you have encountered, and gone through in your life. It is okay. You are human, and in my opinion you deserve a family, you just need to love yourself more, if you haven’t gotten to that point already.

    I wish the best for you, and you will always be in my prayers.

    You have Inspired me.

    You are Loved.

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