This guest blog post is written by Mariel Nanasi, executive director of New Energy Economy.

Getting Reel

New Energy Economy is dedicated to creating economic opportunity in New Mexico with less carbon pollution and more clean energy, and is grounded in principles of environmental justice.

We’re excited to launch our inaugural environmental film series — Getting Reel — to highlight some of the biggest contemporary environmental issues, from mountaintop removal to coal-burned electrical consumption.

This is not a series of tree-hugging fluff! Filmmakers come from unique angles and can express complex ideas that raise awareness around issues and responsibilities of civic activism.

The four-part series opened at 7PM last Thursday with a sold-out screening of The Last Mountain and will continue this Thursday, January 26 at 7PM with POV’s Oscar-nominated film If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.

All screenings will be followed by a 30-minute moderated discussion where audience members will have the opportunity to exchange views and discuss possible action steps. Join us at the Center for Contemporary Arts, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, in Santa Fe, NM. For more information, including the full series schedule, please visit New Energy Economy.

This series is a collaboration with Google and Bioneers.

Mariel Nanasi led the effort to establish New Mexico’s breakthrough carbon pollution reduction program, adopted in 2010. When Governor Martinez refused to publish the rule, New Energy Economy sued her and won in the New Mexico Supreme Court. Mariel is also a civil rights and criminal defense lawyer and serves on the Board of the Santa Fe Art Institute. Seeing an urgency behind a changing climate and wanting to create a healthy and sustainable future, Mariel has made a personal and professional commitment to climate leadership.

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Guest blogger Mariel Nanasi is the executive director and president of the board of New Energy Economy, an organization established in 2004 to create economic opportunity in New Mexico with less carbon pollution and more clean energy.