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POV Viewers Cheer for ‘Racing Dreams’

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Over the past few weeks, viewers have been posting their reaction to Racing Dreams, a chronicle of two boys and a girl who navigate the treacherous road from childhood and young adulthood while dreaming to be NASCAR drivers.

Read reactions from FacebookTwitter and the Racing Dreams film companion site

“Whether you’re a NASCAR enthusiast or not, the documentary Racing Dreams is universally touching…”
@Super_Duty_King (via Twitter)

“This film had an enormous impact on me. I watched it again the other day and the scene with Brandon on the front porch asking his dog to stay with him still gave me chills. It’s great to know the kids are doing well.”
Stewart Copeland

“The three kids in this movie are probably the most charismatic subjects you will ever see in a documentary. Every interview (even with the parents) is remarkably candid and unique. The racing sequences themselves are exhilarating but its the moments that surprise and break your heart which make this movie complete. For a distinctly American sport, this film gives great insight into the lives of the youth here who pursue it.”
mrn2828 (via IMDb)

“An outstanding powerful film. I can’t say enough. This is a must watch for everyone. It’s about growing up…family & friends and RACING! It’s emotional…and heartwarming…Three wonderful families with three wonderful children. Marshall Curry is a master film maker. Thank you for the experience.”
Jimmy Castellano

“In NYC to celebrate Marshall Curry’s magnificent doc Racing Dreams…I still believe it’s the best movie of the year.”
@scottfeinberg (via Twitter)

“Excellent documentary chronicling three early teens as they and their families struggle in different ways to pursue a beloved sport. This was such a great film because it shows three completely different personalities and their family backgrounds.”

“This documentary brings back memories from my go-kart days!”
Thomas Joseph Kennedy (via Facebook)

“Watching ‘Racing Dreams‘ has upped my respect for the sport for sure.”
@KopparbergDave (via Twitter)

Watch Racing Dreams free online for a limited time, and tell us what you think about this program on the Racing Dreams companion site, on Facebook or on Twitter.

POV Staff
POV Staff
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  • Pampotter9

    We enjoyed the program and found it highly entertaining, however thought that filming the children riding motorcycles and ATV’s and jumping without a helmet was very irresponsible.  In addition, climbing a high voltage electrical tower is extremely irresponsible and dangerous and the child could have been zapped by the act and killed. 

    Lots of kids in America watch these programs and we feel these children should not be depicted exhibiting unsafe behaviors and acts for other children to imitate.