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Watch ‘The Fifth Star’ in Honor of Women’s History Month

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Julia Levy - Project VoiceScape

Project VoiceScape filmmaker
Julia Levy

It’s Women’s History Month again, and what better way to commemorate than with a short doc!

Julia Levy’s Project Voicescape short, The Fifth Star, examines the fight for women’s suffrage in Washington, a state that granted women the right to vote 10 years earlier than the ratifying of the 19th Amendment in 1920. The film reminds us about the historical political struggles that women have endured, putting them in a broader context of women in politics today.

Julia was inspired to make her film last summer, as the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Washington State drew near. Julia was surprised at how little coverage the anniversary was receiving in mainstream media, and wanted to make a documentary to reach out to teens like herself, who were unaware of the struggle for women’s suffrage.

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  • Sasebone

     Several idiots on my Facebook believe what they saw and the same nasty book this fella wrote.  I am surprised at educated people who swallow this and negative email forwards and never really do their homework before speaking or posting more of this crap on their Facebook.  Has America gone mad? 

    • Jo

      Yes America has gone mad.  Specifically–in November of 2008.  Thanks for asking.  

    • Shawn Alan

      I’m surprised so many people are fooled by Obitler, that part of america has gone mad.

    • jay b

      What i dont understand is Obama has two young daughters who will probably get married and have children of thier own and they will have some too who will continue to live in this country under whatever it remains or becomes from this administration now why would mr Obama tear down a country that his girls will remain in living and working going to school in ect ?.now if Obama takes his family and moves out of the country to somewhere else i can see mabey all these fairy tales in this movie making sense,i just dont believe all the hype about this guy now if he turns out to be the anti -christ ill be the first to admit i was wrong about him! but this movie has been proven to have muddy facts that have been fact checked ,its amazing to me how seemingly smart people cant seen to engage in critical analisis and deductive reasoning and check this stuff out instead of going to some movie made by a 3rd paty and say OMG he said it so it MUST be true lol! well whoever wins nothings really going to change as long as presidental candidates are lawyers and millionares and have vested interest in companies that these policys affect and special interest and big oil and other compaies are in thier back pocket influencing thier vote on things NOTHING will ever change and the regular American peole will be the ones that suffer…….

      • Punjab

        You said, “well whoever wins nothings really going to change as long as presidental candidates are lawyers and millionares and have vested interest in companies that these policys affect and special interest and big oil and other compaies are in thier back pocket influencing thier vote on things NOTHING will ever change and the regular American peole will be the ones that suffer…….”

        With at least that much of your post, I agree completely. Don’t know about the rest either way. Both sides are experienced in the art of argumentative deception.

  • DanMD

    Hey Tom,  Did you REALLY see the movie or go to Dark Night like your movie ticket stub indicates?…And if you really did go, it sounds like you had your mind made up before you went in.  Let’s see; you write for the LA Times, The New York Times and PBS.  I think my minds made about you and your opinions.

  • Andrea Occhionero

    There was no humor in this film at all. I was frightened by what I learned. This was a well written and documented film. You are sick to think this was funny in any way. For or against Obama, this was crucial for all Americans to see and hear. No humor in this at all. Ask the 9/11 victims, survivors, and the military how funny and hilarious this is. I think you need to go see a doctor.

  • Pastorgwg


  • Arthur_wright

    Empty cans rattle the loudest… I guess that is why democrats always have so much to say!

  • Tinamariegrubb

    Anyone who is affraid because of this theoretic horse crap is the one that needs to see a doctor

  • pjhowell1954

    Saw the movie last night and left depressed, because I knew you left wing liberals would claim it’s untrue!  You need to watch Fox News to get the fair and balanced truth!!  They are so fair and balanced there really is no voice on TV that balances out the throngs of liberal “talking heads”!  I miss Glenn Beck on TV!!!  Find him at

    • Katharine Engler

      umm there is no fair and balanced truth on fox news. I don’t mean to be rude but they report things from a republican perspective. I actually know republicans who cant stand watching that channel because they feel it sets a bad example for what republicans are and how they act.

      • Punjab

        The US does not have a fair and balanced media outlet, PERIOD.

  • Guest

    I saw 2016.  It supported what I had already learned about Obama when he was running for president.  Anyone paying attention with half a brain could pick up the things that are not right about this president.  It made perfect sense for D’Souza to leave the scene with Obama’s half brother in the film.  Obama’s half brother had a normal view of the world which showed the contrast between him and Obama.  He said, “Obama has his own family to take care of.  He also made the interesting observation that those countries who were under the rule of Britain the longest, fared better economically and socially than countries who rebelled earlier.  I’ve never heard that assessment anywhere else.  You watched the movie with such a strong liberal bias and expectation that every scene must be tailored to bash the president, that you missed the point of that clip entirely.  You even openly admit that you don’t understand why the scene was left in the film at all.  You expected D’Souza to do what liberals do.  If some piece of information comes along that can’t twisted to fit their agenda, they leave it out entirely.  My case in point:  watch how information is presented by the parade of idiots on MSNBC.  If that’s not enough, how about the lie being spread that Mitt Romney said, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.  Romney never said that.  The New York Times slapped that headline on an op ed piece Romney provided when asked to comment on the failing auto industry in Detroit.  The libs are quoting the NY Times headline, not Romney.  If anyone has not seen the movie 2016, please see it and decide for yourself.  I found it very worthwile.

    • Punjab


  • Jon.C

    Actor Jon Voight is correct when he said that there is a  strong liberal bias in the American media. Case in point, read the above. It has become so transparent to anyone who pays attention. And that is why Obama will not win the next ellection. The medias influence has lost much of its power because of its blatantly obvious bias for all things Democrat.

    • Ric Mason

      Looks like you’re contradicting yourself Jon.C. If the media are so bias in Obama’s corner, doesn’t that mean they will make sure he only gets good press, and in the end- wins?

  • Doc Soup Man

    Thanks for the comments folks, but could someone address the main premise of the movie, “2016: Obama’s America,” as well as my response to it: that Obama is an anti-colonialist and anti-American who is purposefully gutting our country and propping up others in an attempt to destroy the American Empire. Do you actually believe he is willfully (or subconsciously, to appease his deceased father) doing this? Do you actually believe that D’Souza believes this?

    • Shawn Alan

      Yes and yes.

    • Joshua

      Dinesh made a ver. clear connection between him and his father. You only heard what u wanted to hear. You fact stacked to yourself. This may sound prejudice at first but bare with me. In my area there are many psychiatrists. Many of whom are of indian decent. I notice and agree with Dinesh taking a psychological angle on this as I find many indian families in my area to be very psychologically focused, introspective peaceful level headed people when it comes to our soul, our being, and our family. It is no secret that doing what is called a psychodynamic pathological evaluation is one of the best ways to determine ones source for their thoughts, feelings, motives and a myriad of other behaviors the stem from their past. As a liberal pawn psychology often gets overlooked and ignored even when it is a key component for piecing together one’s history and timeline from past, present, and into the future. Through Psychodynamics one can make a very clear case for the negative effects of one’s father abandoning them during the developmental formative years of his life, growing to idealizing his absent father tremendously, learning years later that his father was a rotten wife beating alcoholic, and then before having an opportunity to make peace with himself and his father over this news he dies tragically in a car accident because he was drunk driving. Things like this lead to distorted thinking, mental illness such as Bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder and destructive behaviors. Most children who suffered from the abandonment of a parents suffer from what is known as the iceberg effect (look it up if you don’t believe me). Childhood abandonment leads to over-idealization and deep deep rooted psychological issues. The effects of thr abandonment live far beneath the surface, even below the contempt and shame they feel below the visible emotions they show the rest of the world. So not only do I believe that Dinesh believes what he is saying and is dead on I will add that I believe obama is more than just trying to appease the global wishes for his father, I believe he is avenging his father’s death and blames the colonialist society for killing his father. Obama believes (opinion) that the colonialists made his father the angry alcoholic that he was thereby leading to his death.

  • omelight

    Tom, what kind of ugly water did you drink?  You certainly brought out the vile Rubignican nut heads…

  • Deborah Naert

    Bo is a far left secular progressive… anyone that thinks this guy is interested in your welfare better get some brains quick… He is on a power trip and has no ambition to help anyone but himself… DON’T listen to what he says………… WATCH WHAT HE DOES!   

    • afkjna

      Bo the dog?! I can’t believe it?!

  • Nosharia4us

    2016 is the one we all need to see.

  • Rpdawg

    2016 explains and shares what the liberal media hides and distorts.  The writing’s on the wall. obama doesn’t believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (the American Dream).  Bogus Collectivism and Income Redistribution is his style.  What ever happened to Rugged Individualism, and Self Reliance?

  • Rpdawg

    By the way Eric Nelson…..”forword” is a well know marxist slogan.

  • Troutdog

    This whole discussion is very disappointing. Why isn’t the DOC people screening out all of the conservative comments? Another thing,I was watching a another DOC called “Gathering Remnants: A Cowboy Tribute”. Many of us consider the Doc Channel a Liberal safe haven. But here we go waisting time with a Doc that glorifies the conformity of hard work. i used to love this channel,but seems you dont understand who really has supported you.
    Just so you know. there are too many people in the world for a true democracy or republic. The only answer is a better Communism. There I said it. All of us educated people understand this.The Democratic party and the media (like the DOC channel) needs to understand,they need to help the liberal main stream reach this recognised utopia. Please quit glorifying hard work. There are enough rich conservatives to make life comfortable for all of us. Please be supportive of our agenda…

    • Shawn Alan

      Stop drinking the kool-aid, move to China if you want communism and take all the other libtards with you.. We don’t want you or it here.

  • Shawn Alan

    Anyone that actually believes that Obama is moving america forward is truly either ignorant and/or blind, much like the “independent journalist” that wrote this pile of crap article.

  • Steve

    Just one more reason to defund PBS. No reason for the taxpayers to support these liberals Let them go find Jobs in this Obama economy

  • mike

    nothing funny or offensive about it

  • Shandy

    I dont think you saw the movie at all. All Americans need to know the facts. If the things in this movie where not facts, Im sure Obama has enough power to have stopped it. He doesnt care if its shown because he knows he has so many fooled and wont even bother to see it. He is going to set back and laugh at how stupid some American are. People need to vote for the person who is trying to build a better America for the future and not destroy us. People shouldn’t vote on the party they are, but on the best man for the job. I would rather have a morman than a muslim. If Obama gets another term, America has committed suicide.

  • Rebecca O’Reilly Boyle

    I saw the movie and fail to see anything hilarious about it. It was a documentary and not extreme either way. I also watched the PBS Front Line show about The Choice 2012. It also contained some of the information in the D’Souza documentary.

  • Lhpolice

    Just a tip- “WTF” should never be used when writing an article. Oh, and garbage argument

  • Anonymous

    Funny? I thought it was pretty scary.

    • JoeShcmoe

      That’s because you aren’t that smart.

  • Anonymous

    defund pbs

    This commented has been edited by a moderator in accordance with the POV commenting policy.

  • Dumbass tom

    HAHAHA TOM ROSTON you fell out of the stupid tree you stupid f*ck…. I would love to run into you somewhere.

  • Disappointed With Obama

    Recently watched it.

  • Disappointed With Obama

    Now streaming on Netflix.

  • Disappointed With Obama

    Correction – streaming on Hulu Plus.

  • Eric Nelson

     Steelcurtain, keep drinking the Fox news juice that wants to split America into two countries: a Republican one and a Democratic one.  Or you could step back, look at facts, and make an assessment of a President, who is moving America forward.  Try it for once.

  • Donaldrr18

    Explain again how this president s moving the U.S. forward. With a 16 TRILLION dollar debt your direction may be about 180 degrees off.

  • Punjab

    Muwhahahahaha! WOW! That must have hurt. Let’s see, the country is nearly split down the middle with opinions of differing standpoints. Yet, the media outlets are an almost one-sided, landslide in favor of the liberals. So, how is it, with only ONE, major, media outlet in this country, in favor of the conservatives, that we find ourselves in an ALMOST even deadlock? It doesn’t strike you as odd? Who REALLY needs to step back and take a look at what is going on. I favor no party in this country. Yet, I find it incredulous that people believe that our country is recovering. Though this response is not a timely one, it holds true. You actually had even less of a reason to be praising Obama when he was re-elected. He has accomplished almost nothing for our nation. He and his parties numbers suck in relation to the economy and well-being of our fellow citizens. Now that Obama’s Sequester is in place, what have you to say for yourself? He was the one who established it, and utilized it as a leverage tool. Then, he tried to denounce it and label it a creation of the opposition, so it would look like the conservatives were behind the dismantling of his favored social programs. Even that failed, as the sequester arrived. And, now what? Nothing. I laugh at you and all who are unable to look at our politicians and call them out for the lousy, perpetrators of douchebaggery that they are. You Eric Nelson, are one such citizen, who has been buffooned.

  • Doc Soup Man

    For those not in the know, here’s the Toronto Film Fest’s description of Artifact: Telling harsh truths about the modern music business, Artifact gives intimate access to singer/actor Jared Leto and his band Thirty Seconds to Mars as they battle their label in a brutal lawsuit and record their album This Is War. The film is a true artifact of our times, as its subjects struggle with big questions over art, money and integrity. 

  • Shawn Alan

    I know you’re making that up, so I know you’re a liberal. The movie was funded by 12 anonymous donors, and nowhere does it state who they are. You isa liar.

  • Shawn Alan

    He definitely DOES NOT favor attacking Iran, and to boot he is abandoning Israel.

  • Logan Johnson

    12 anonymous donors contributed to a $2.5 million film. That’s a little over $200,000 per donor. Regardless of whether it was the Koch Bros, it is obvious that the people who funded the film stand to lose the most if Obama is re-elected. This was an excellent review of the film, calling it out for what it is.

  • Baracko

    Haha idiot, you lost. Go obama!

  • Punjab

    OMG? Does that stand for “Obama Must Go”? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. If it does, you’re right. Unfortunately, this response, post-dates one of the saddest moments of our great nation’s history; his re-election.

  • Anonymous

    This comment was removed in accordance with the POV commenting policy.