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PBS Online Film Festival: Watch ‘This Gay and Age’

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Your votes will determine the People’s Choice Winner in PBS’s first-ever Online Film Festival! Voting ends April 13, 2012! Vote for POV’s films in the festival here »

Today we’re featuring This Gay and Age, winner of the 2011 Project VoiceScape award for Best Documentary. This short documentary examines the gay stereotypes that bombard LGBT youth, and the way these stereotypes affect the way we think about sexuality. Teen documentarian Morgan Wilcock takes a look at her hometown of Minneapolis to examine the media’s influence on her generations view of sexuality.

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A woman is uneasy about beginning a relationship with a plastic surgeon.
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This Gay and Age
A young filmmaker examines how media has influenced expectations of gay teens.
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POV Staff
POV Staff
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  • A Qui Tam Relator

    Anyone that lived through the Vietnam era knew that Michael Moore was correct in the fabrication of war, McNamera even fessed up to the truth of a fabricated war and of course if anyone was paying attention back in the 60′s & 70′s the Daniel Elsberg Trial. “Hubris” by the way should win this years award, that is sooo much truth it hurts ! Bravo Michael Moore for sustaining such a rude and pompous crowd of Extreamly Rich and Privilaged Sheeple but you held your head high because you and millions of other Americans knew the real truth and its more obvious today then your acceptance speech. And to the Ultra Rich in the room that night “You Bunch Of Bone-Heads !”

  • Richard

    Every film, every “radical statement” that Michael Moore makes is always proven as truth within a few short years.

  • A Qui Tam Relator Reagan’s Trickle-Down Economics and the “Meese” Crowd” knew it was to line the pockets of the rich and was never intended to trickle down to the middle class and the poor. Another Lie !

    • ms

      Hey instead of waiting for things that aren’t yours to trickle down to you why don’t you go earn/make/create something?

  • Nadine Lumley

    I was so proud of him when he did that but I had no idea about the threats to his life until I read his book about his childhood, I highly recommend it, very good reading:


  • Neal Romanek

    Great piece! I was there at the Oscar show that night and – though it might not have come through in the broadcast – there were an awful lot of people applauding and cheering him in that room. But then the boo-ers got louder and louder. But the very worst people were the ones who were silent.

  • Vicki Vancouver

    Tom: I could die happy seeing Moore as President. It would take someone to capture the world’s imagination to turn things around. Great article.

  • Luis Almeida

    For me, in this distant and opposite side of the Atlantic ( Lisbon, Portugal), Mike shares a place among a minority of American brave citizen who function like Pinnocchio’s little cricket. They are America’s conscience, they are the morally noble part of America. And this, by itself, makes them the true patriots…

  • ck

    Mike Moore is perhaps the most misleading and dishonest “documentarian” there is. The fictitious nature of Bowling for Columbine should have exempted it from consideration for the award it won.

    Whether you support his views or not, take a good hard look into whatever the fat man says, most often you will find that he justifies the ends by means of flat out lies. BfC was full of editing tricks which are used to splice different speeches together, it splices 2 adverts (one by the Bush administration and another by an independent org.) and claims that the invented advert was wholly funded by the Bush admin. The bank scene was carefully crafted by lying to the bank which does give guns away with account openings, however the guns are not stored on site (unlike what mike wants you to believe in the interview where the teller says there are 500 or so guns in the vault, key point being that the vault is not on site), the guns arrive via licensed firearms dealers at a later date… This not to mention that the store was told that the interview was by someone doing a story about unique businesses…

    These are only a few lies which can be seen in BfC, there are far too many to list here, look it up for yourself, do not believe the big boy’s rhetoric which is designed to deceive. Look into this steaming heap of crap that duped the academy into giving an award meant for non-fiction documentaries to a very fictitious entertainment flick and you will find lies on top of lies, just look into it.

    My point is not that the movie is biased. The point is that Moore commits grossly unethical practices when he lies on purpose, misrepresents himself to interviewees, shoves words into peoples mouths through cheap editing tricks, all to mislead the public. The man is the Criss Angel of documentarians…

    • john649

      zzzzzzzzz, Moore’s movies are a refreshing change from the constant corporate propaganda pushed onto us by just about everyone.

  • Doc Soup Man

    We live in an era when there’s overwhelming chatter for every milestone, every time the wind blows, but where’s the chorus acknowledging this signficant 10th anniversary? I don’t hear it.

  • Jonah

    Europe is no different than the USA. Your leaders, and people wear a mask to hide the fact that you’re just like us. You preach liberal values, and equality for all, yet use cheap overseas labor to progress the capitalist machine that is the European Union.

  • Jonah

    Oh, and you kill around the world in the name of freedom and justice, but have ulterior motives…just like us.

  • m

    Liberalism in general tends to serve the purpose of easing the masses with the rhetoric of treating symptoms. Only the most idiotic of the capitalists turn further right, mistaking the rhetoric for content like so many among the middle class.

  • Phil

    Europe may be just as neo-liberal as the States, but that’s not really the point. So is pretty much the entire world. But influential European nations (France, Germany) stood up against the Iraq war. There are always nuances, “we’re all as bad as each other” is a lazy argument.

  • Jonah

    As opposed to suggesting that we ARE just the same, but somehow better than YOU cause our transgressions are lesser. Right, you would know lazy.