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El Velador at MoMA & POV Filmmakers in Conversation

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El Velador will have an exclusive one-week theatrical engagement at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City starting Thursday, June 14 and will have its national broadcast premiere on POV Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 10pm. (Check local listings.)

Filmmaker Natalia Almada will be at MoMA for a discussion following the screening of her film on Monday, June 18 at 7PM, and will also be present for a conversation with POV filmmaker Lourdes Portillo on Saturday, June 23 at 7:30PM, on the occasion of the film series “Lourdes Portillo: La Cineasta Inquisitiva.” The retrospective will feature Portillo’s most representative work, including the Academy Award-nominated documentary Las Madres: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (POV 1988) and Señorita Extraviada (POV 2002).

For more details visit: Museum of Modern Art

Jamie Dobie
Jamie Dobie
Jamie worked in the Community Engagement and Education Department at POV from 2010 to 2013. Prior to joining POV in 2010, Jamie worked at Northwestern University's satellite campus in Doha, Qatar, where she was part of the team tasked with setting up the school's film and journalism programs in the Middle East. She has worked in various capacities on many documentary film crews around the world, including productions in West Africa, and has worked closely with acclaimed filmmaker Margaret Brown. Jamie has also previously worked in the exhibition department at the Field Museum of Natural History and the education and cinema programming departments at the Block Museum of Art. She holds a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University in Radio/TV/Film and African Studies.
  • anne

    What stigma? He’s awesome! As a very hip friend of mine once observed, some people are too hip for their own good.

  • Tom Roston

    Or, as Burns said, “I have to make the film that I am making. Hip is

  • Dr. J

    The amazing part of his illness is how it was hidden from the public and the 1st Amendment was suspended as the press and even common people had their film destroyed if they dared chronicle it. The SS goons he had to ensure the public never knew the truth about him was stunning.

  • Ellen M

    Just finished watching all seven episodes of The Roosevelts. I am so grateful to Geoffrey Ward and Ken Burns for recording forever not just the history of these three incredible individuals but in showing their absolute dedication in the belief of the human spirit and their conviction that we humans can be better than we are right now. My admiration to Mr. Burns and Mr. Ward for making such an exceptionally fine film.

  • vicp

    Interesting perspective achieved on the 20th Century evolution of America and World sociology told around three major century figures and their families. As one born in 1954 incredible view of the world my parents grew up in since TR was age of their grandparents and FDR and Eleanor were the ate of their parents. Truly a great work of historical perspective.

  • Flyvapnet

    Mr. Roston, finding a forum for comments regarding PBS programming makes a snipe hunt seem easy; and although this isn’t exactly the forum I was hoping to find, it’s at least on line and your Web-log entries are interesting. I’m actually (and without any success so far) trying to discover what was censored in Episode 6 of “The Roosevelts”: About halfway through that episode, film of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s air attack on Naval Station Pearl Harbor was shown; then suddenly there was a black screen shown for three or four seconds, followed by an obvious jump cut (a clumsy scene change with no transition) to people standing around in Washington. If that cut was purposeful, it was certainly amateurish and confusing. Have you any idea what was censored, or why such an unprofessional cut was made? If not, do you know of any forums / message boards where comments about the series can be made or questions asked? Thank you very much for your attention to my inquiry.

    • Flyvapnet

      I’ve started receiving unwanted electronic-mail notifications of replies to others’ comments, so I’ll apparently have to stop all notifications from this Web site.

  • Graduate Student 24

    OK Mr. G. Ward. As a historian, I presume you’ve looked at FOX News since it began. Could please point out some examples of them
    “loving” to show a crippled man, as you suggested FOX would have done for FDR? I’ll be waiting for an answer…….don’t chicken out !