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Romance Novel Caption Contest: Cover #3

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Cover #3: No more fooling around. It’s time to bat with the heavy hitters. If this was a romance novel cover, what would its title be?

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Leave your title and a back cover description in the comments below or on POV’s Facebook page, and come back to POV’s blog tomorrow for a new image and a new chance to romance us!

With the coming POV broadcast and streaming of the documentaries Guilty Pleasures (check local listings) and Where the Heart Roams, we’re posting a new cover each day for five days, with Mills & Boon author Gill Sanderson (aka Roger Sanderson) helping us pick our favorites.

Looking for some writing tips? Check out Sanderson’s short guide for writing your first romance and his 10 tips for getting published as a romance writer.

POV Staff
POV Staff
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  • Ana Breton

    Rebecca’s Last Tortilla Chip 

    As wide-eyed folklore dancer Rebecca was downing her sorrows in chips and salsa on the terrace of her father’s hacienda in Guadalajara, Mexico, the unimaginable happened: The very last chip broke between her cherry-red lips and plummeted into her dress. Aghast! The last chip was nowhere to be seen. 

    Panic set in. The sun seemed to be glaring brighter. Her bosoms were heaving stronger. It seemed like just a moment ago she was holding the crispy triangle in her hand. 

    Is this what karma had intended? That on the day same day she was banned from the folklore show, the very last tortilla chip -her last chance of emotionally eating her feelings- disappear forever? 

    Will Roberto, her father’s business partner, help Rebecca find the last tortilla chip, stuck in the endless vacuum in her dress? Will Rebecca ever find love again? That is not important. What is important is that Roberto will soon become that chip’s last chance at survival. 

  • Erika Matias

    Taken and Tamed

    Fiery, spoiled rotten, and on the verge of
    spinsterhood–by choice. 


    Hannah’s father has given her an unexpected ultimatum: accept a
    husband by the end of her last London
    season, or move from her beloved city to their country estate for good.
    But this dilemma doesn’t scare Hannah one bit. She has a plan of her
    own, and it doesn’t include the confines of a stuffy, loveless marriage.


    Unbeknownst to Hannah, someone has
    had his eye on her season after tiresome season, and has learned from the
    mistakes of other suitors who have failed to snag her. What Hannah needs is a
    challenge–not some besotted fool falling at her feet. And if anyone has the cunning
    and charm to make the impossible possible with Lady Hannah, it’s the dashing Lord Gabriel Lockwood.

  • Susan Hart

    Stuck Together For Life

    When Hans emigrated from arctic Norway, he couldn’t decide what profession to take up, so he chose gardening.  Unfamiliar with landscaping because in the arctic there’s nothing green, a bargain in lawn fertilizer caught his eye and he bought several bags of it.  Little did he know that it would be part of his bonding with Jennifer, the wealthy daughter of a cod magnate.  The fertilizer was no bargain it turns out and made any two surfaces that came in contact with each other, stick together permanently.

    When her father found them together on the lawn, he screamed with rage and used all of his resources to try and break them apart.    Muttering to the gardener about ‘he should have stuck to something he knows, like cod’, Jennifer’s dad calls in his best chemical engineers, but to no avail.

    Will they remain as close as two peas in a pod?  Will Jennifer’s father finally be able to part them? Will they be able to watch two separate movies on satellite TV?   Find out in this fiery romance, Stuck Together For Life.

    Watch for Book 2 out soon:  What Kind Of Weed Am I?


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