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Romance Novel Caption Contest: Cover #4

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Cover #4: Let’s get historical! If this was a romance novel cover, what would its title be?

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Cover #1 »
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Cover #2 »
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Cover #3 »
  Cover #4
Cover #4 »
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Cover #5 »

Leave your title and a back cover description in the comments below or on POV’s Facebook page, and come back to POV’s blog tomorrow for a new image and a new chance to romance us!

With the POV broadcast and streaming of the documentaries Guilty Pleasures (check local listings) and Where the Heart Roams, we’re posting a new cover each day for five days, with Mills & Boon author Gill Sanderson (aka Roger Sanderson) helping us pick our favorites submissions from viewers.

Looking for some writing tips? Check out Sanderson’s short guide for writing your first romance and his 10 tips for getting published as a romance writer.

POV Staff
POV Staff
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  • Erika Matias

    Tell Me No Lies

    When Daniel, the Duke of Raffield, returns to London, he hadn’t expected Lady Annabelle Wentworth to have matured and grown up so lovely. His memories of her visits with his younger sister at the estate were of an annoying bratty chit. And now… she’s all woman.

    Lady Annabelle is excited to see her childhood crush, Daniel, has returned–although she would never admit it. She is bethrothed and to be married within the year to a scroundrel, all to save her family from ruin. But all of that changes when confessions are made and secrets are revealed. Daniel has a plan to save Annabelle, and it means making her his Duchess.

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  • Susan Hart

    I Can Write You A Symphony

    “Your hair smells like a divine wind,” Mozart whispered into his wife’s ear.  “But tell me…who’s your wigmaker?”

    Constanza couldn’t tell her husband who had really made her wigs.  It was her distant cousin, Alfonso, and if Wolfie saw her with another man, especially one as handsome as Alfie was, then his incredible musical genius would simply vanish.

    She had to keep her secret well hidden so that the world would remember, with fondness she hoped because the royalties weren’t that great while he was alive, the overwhelming talent of W.A. Mozart.   So, she whispered back to him, “I did.”