StoryCorps Audio Slideshows

A screenshot from the "StoryCorps Audio Slideshow" prototype, developed at POV Hackathon (August 11-12, 2012).

The StoryCorps Audio Slideshows prototype, developed at POV Hackathon.

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Team: Michael Garofalo, Isaac Kestenbaum, Antonio Kaplan, Matt Oltendorf. Bios »

About the Project: StoryCorps is a national nonprofit organization that provides people of all backgrounds with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of their lives. StoryCorps produces audio segments weekly for NPR and since 2010 has turned a selection of stories into Emmy Award®-nominated animations for POV and the Web. So, what’s next? At POV’s Hackathon, StoryCorps will begin work on a new Web platform to complement its distinctive audio style. Read a Q&A with the StoryCorps Audio Slideshow Hackathon team »

Technology: JavaScript (with SoundManager 2), jQuery (with prettyPhoto, jQuery Easing), Google Fonts.

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