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Nostalgia for the Light: “This is one of the films of the year.”

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Tonight, October 25, 2012, Patricio Guzmán’s Nostalgia for the Light premieres on POV (check your local listings). Patricio Guzmán’s Nostalgia for the Light is a remarkable meditation on memory, history and eternity. Chile’s remote Atacama Desert, 10,000 feet above sea level, provides stunningly clear views of the heavens. But it also holds secrets from the past in its arid soil: human remains, from pre-Columbian mummies to the bones of political prisoners “disappeared” during the Pinochet dictatorship. In this otherworldly place, earthly and celestial quests meld: Archaeologists dig for ancient civilizations, women search for their loved ones and astronomers scan the skies for new galaxies.

Read what critics are saying about Nostalgia for the Light:

“Rates as the filmmaker’s masterpiece, an exquisitely filmed, poetically written meditation on how past and present fuse in humanity’s most unresolved questions.”
— Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

“Guzmán offers a poetic narrative that celebrates the searches and insists on the moral obligation to remember Chile’s not-too-distant past.”
— Walter V. Addiago, San Francisco Chronicle

“Visually elegant, deeply felt. . . . Nothing here is as beautiful, perhaps, as certain everyday images Guzman puts on display: the gears working on an old telescope, a tree against the exterior wall of a house in Santiago, many marbles arrayed on a table.”
— Mark Feeney, The Boston Globe

“It isn’t simply that Nostalgia for the Light is moving: it has a tragic grandeur that really is very remarkable. It is deeply intelligent, intensely and painfully political, and yet attempts, and succeeds, somehow to transcend politics and perhaps even history itself. . . . This is one of the films of the year.”
— Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Packs a potent intellectual and emotional wallop. . . . Nostalgia for the Light is less a conventional documentary than a work of poetic imagination or a nontheistic spiritual meditation. Enormously moving and wondrous to behold.”
— Andrew O’Hehir,

Watch Nostalgia for the Light tonight on PBS. (check local listings), or stream it online for a limited time starting Friday, October 26, 2012.

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POV Staff
POV Staff
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  • Ted Michael Morgan

    This exquisite essay on awe at the root of both science and religion
    stuns me. “The present does not exist.”

  • Robyn Albro

    This is an amazing, beautiful, clear look at the present that is already past as I write this, the connections between us and the stars, the finding of meaning, the starkness of genocide. I find myself bowled over by the beauty and grief of this film.

  • D.H.Keohane

    “And Death Shall Have No Dominion” by Dylan Thomas. Absolutely stunning to read and hear this poem after watching “Nostalgia For The Night”. Please join me in this experience. DHK

  • Occupy Wallstreet

    Every frame of this film is a visual masterwork, every line a poem.

  • How Do Be Funny

    This is a great article! I really related to Pete Nick’s comment on the creation of a super-board-of-directors, I think that’s the best mindset to take into a Kickstarter Campaign!

    Shameless Plug: I wrote an article on budgeting for Kickstarter Projects, and reference our small (<$3000) documentary project that will launch in April of 2014. Any feedback would be awesome!