Tonight, October 18, 2012, Maya Stark and Adi Lavy’s Sun Kissed premieres on POV (check your local listings). The documentary follows a Navajo couple as they uncover a hidden link between their children’s rare genetic disorder and the American government’s conquest of their tribe.

Read what critics are saying about Sun Kissed:

“The film, by Maya Stark and Adi Lavy, is built from an unusual mix of history, science and traditional Navajo culture, and its emotional climax pulls no punches.””
— Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

“[The Nez family] must navigate some of their own tribe’s taboos and beliefs about disease, history and marriage. . . . The result is a heartbreaking look at their day to day lives as they care for Leanndra and search for answers.””
— Staci Matlock, Associated Press / The Santa Fe New Mexican

“The film is suffused with a quiet but potent sadness; as it progresses, it becomes a moving, unforced meditation on history and culture, erasure and perseverance. It personalizes the ways in which the past lives in the present, and as the couple peels back layers of their personal history, the larger, grim history of the Navajo people and culture comes sharply into focus.”
— Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly

Watch Sun Kissed tonight on PBS. (check local listings), or stream it online for a limited time starting Friday, October 19, 2012.

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