View the prototypes from POV Hackathon 2.

In a span of 30 hours, eight teams of filmmakers, developers and designers sought to reinvent documentary for web at POV’s Hackathon 2, January 12-13, 2013.

In this batch of documentary prototypes, each of which has been shared thanks to the project teams, you’ll find new meaning in numbers from news headlines, learn about untested chemicals found in our everyday products, investigate how white Americans experience their ethnicity, browse a documentary cookbook, map the role of faith and religion in New York, be moved by the effects of Japan’s nuclear winter, experience the unintended consequences of Dutch Colonalism, and read stories about virginity in America.

The projects were judged by Ingrid Kopp from the Tribeca Film Institute, Terry Bryant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Paco de OnĂ­s of Skylight Pictures, Brian Storm of MediaStorm, and the POV Hackathon participants themselves.

The Participants’ Choice winner was Empire, The Human Experiment was named Best Prototype, and The Whiteness Project was selected for Best Pitch.

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