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Team: Visakh Menon, Jake Price. Bios and Q&A »

About the Project: A Fukushima-born artist journeys into Japan’s nuclear winter, revealing the warmth and strength of survivors coping with the effects of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.


  • Jquery UI: Javascript UI plugin for animation and effects
  • Web typefaces from typekit.com. Fonts used were Brandon-grotesque & Chaparral Pro.
  • Google maps API (V3) to display open source data on radiation levels and custom content.
  • Data set on radiation levels by safecast.org.
  • Google Fusion table API for data interpolation, customization and display based on the data set from safest. Integration with Google Maps API.
  • Google Docs to share wireframes, text and content. Also used as a project management tool.
  • infobox.js for display of custom information boxes to embed videos and slideshows and styling for Google maps.
  • video-js: HTML5 video framework with custom skinned video player.
  • Popcorn.js plugin to display additional video content and customized instapoppin.js to streamline content.
  • maximage.js to display full screen background videos and images.
  • Galleria.js for full screen slideshows and image display.

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