Data Docs

A screenshot from the Data Docs prototype developeed at the POV Hackathon

Click on the image to interact with a demo of the Data Docs prototype developed at POV Hackathon 2.
(This prototype is best viewed in Chrome.)

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Team: Susan E. McGregor, Joe Posner, Lam Thuy Vo. Bios and Q&A »

About the Project: The Data Docs project aims to spread data literacy by telling short stories about the most important datasets in the world. Each is a meld of linear storytelling and animation with live, evergreen data and choice interactive elements.


  • Cinema 4D, After Effects, Final Cut Pro for animation.
  • JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, popcorn.js (+custom-written plugin), CSS3 rotation transforms for programming.
  • FRED API feeds for US Bureau of Labor statistics data.
  • Animated GIFs used for font and charts.
  • Skype and a call recorder for interview recordings.

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