How to Lose Your Virginity

Click on the image to interact with a demo of the How to Lose Your Virginity prototype developed at POV Hackathon.

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Team: Vanessa Joho, Ellice Litwak, Steve Melendez, Therese Shechter. Bios and Q&A »

About the Project: How to Lose Your Virginity is an eye-opening feature documentary about the myth and meaning of virginity in American culture. Bridging the chasm between what we’re told our first times should be‚ and what they’re really like‚ will be a digital crowd-sourced storytelling project.

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  • Django web framework to maintain the database of stories and tags and organize our web pages.
  • Google Docs to share presentation scripts and spreadsheets of stories and tags.
  • D3.js, a Javascript data visualization library, to create the visualization of relationships between stories and tags.
  • jQueryUI, a set of Javascript user interface plugins, to animate the text on the front page.
  • Free services from Github to store source code and let the designer and developer share version-controlled files.
  • Free cloud-based web hosting from Heroku to serve our webpages and database.
  • BeautifulSoup, a Python web-scraping library, to help transfer the stories from an XML-format output by WordPress to our Django database.
  • Note: all are free and open source tools.

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