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Team: Danny Alpert, Heidi Boisvert, Brandon Forant, Josh Klobe.

About the Project: @home is a project combining documentary film, social media and a real-world game that conveys one simple idea: homelessness can be solved and we are all part of the solution.

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If you would like to be a beta user, please send an email to Josh Klobe at josh@alchemy50.com, and he’ll send you a test flight invitation.


  • iOS SDK
  • Mapkit framework
  • AV Foundation framework
  • Adobe Photoshop and InDesign
  • After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro
Danny Alpert

Danny Alpert is the producer of @home and executive director of the Kindling Group. He is a producer, director and editor whose films have been nominated for Academy and Emmy Awards, and have aired on PBS, HBO, A&E, and at festivals around the world. His projects have been consistently accompanied by innovative and effective community engagement campaigns.

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Heidi Boisvert (Photo: Sam Ritter)

Heidi Boisvert is a new media artist, game designer, experimental filmmaker, writer and educator. She designed the first 3D social change game, ICED I Can End Deportation and America 2049. Heidi founded and serves as the CEO & Creative Director of futurePerfect lab. She is a PhD candidate in the Electronic Arts program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Brandon Forant (Photo: Ryan Anderson)

Brandon Forant works at Alchemy50. Brandon is the Art Director, and is a specialist in branding, mobile, and web design.

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Josh Klobe (Photo: Ryan Anderson)

Josh Klobe works at Alchemy50. Josh is the Technical Director. He has been making applications for mobile devices for almost as long as there have been mobile devices.

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