Refugee Registry

Click on the image to interact with a demo of the Refugee Registry prototype developed at POV Hackathon 3.

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Team: Elise Brouwer, Sean Flynn, Cameron Hickey, Laura Scherling.

About the Project: Refugee Registry is a digital initiative that connects refugees with lawyers who can make a difference.

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While this is not a traditional project intended for a general audience, we wanted to create a platform for crowd-sourced storytelling that can translate immediately into action that benefits the refugees telling their stories. We envision future iterations of this platform would include more tools that help lawyers work with endangered refugee clients to build a compelling narrative, establishing their persecution claim and expedite resettlement.

Text PLEASE HELP to +1 573 384 3526 to initiate SMS-based registration.


  • Twilio API to enable SMS-based account creation, data collection, voice recording and calling between lawyers and refugee clients.
  • Ruby on Rails to build the application.
  • Heroku for cloud hosting.
  • Adobe Illustrator for site and flyer design.
  • CSS3 for styling.
  • Adobe Lightroom for editing photographs.
Elise Brouwer (Photo: Kasper de Weerd )

Elise Brouwer is a graduate student Culture Media & Film studies at University Utrecht in the Netherlands. She is currently an intern at Principle Pictures in Boston, and board member of a foundation in Indonesia that aims to support local nature and society. She additionally works as a volunteer director for a children’s hospital-television channel in the Netherlands.

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Sean Flynn (Photo: Kevin Belli)

Sean Flynn is a documentary producer and Director of the Points North Documentary Forum at Camden International Film Festival. Recently, Sean spent four months in India on a Fulbright developing a participatory media project. In September, he will join MIT’s Open Documentary Lab as a research assistant and Master’s candidate.

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Cameron Hickey

Cameron Hickey is a developer, cinematographer and producer focused on documentary and television news, primarily for PBS. Hickey shoots and produces science stories for the PBS NewsHour, and has produced, directed, shot, and/or edited for PBS, BBC, Channel 4, Al Jazeera English, and WNET THIRTEEN. Hickey was a founding member of DocAgora, a doc-media thinktank focused on the intersection between documentary and interactive technology.

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Laura Scherling (Photo: Laurence Wilse-Samson)

Laura Scherling is a designer who works with print, web, and interactive mediums. Her interests include participatory culture and green education initiatives. She works in The New School’s in-house design studio (Office of Communications) and is the co-creator of GreenspaceNYC. She is writing a dissertation about placemaking and design, likes baseball, and Game of Thrones.

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