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Click on the image to interact with the Abstraction prototype, developed at POV Hackathon. (This prototype is best viewed in Chrome.)

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Team: Vanessa Gould, Smriti Keshari, Maria Rabinovich, Gil Talmi.

About the Project: Does a single image look the same to everyone? Can music take the universal into the personal? Each person’s experience will be as individual as their fingerprint. With this app the user becomes the explorer in an ongoing immersive experiment, playing with the perceived boundaries between image and music: to give the abstract meaning.

Technology: This prototype was built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery and Heroku, a free cloud-based web host, to serve our webpages and database. All transitions, transition effects and animations were written with jQuery and CSS. The video and audio content is stored on the server and called via the script based on a list of selected video and music pieces.

Vanessa Gould (Credit: Solly Granatstein)

Vanessa Gould (Cinematographer / Editor) directed/produced Peabody Award–winning Between the Folds, broadcast on Independent Lens and in dozens of countries worldwide. Recently, she’s produced for the Showtime forthcoming series Years of Living Dangerously, and is in production on a feature documentary. She’s on the jury of several festivals and the Emmys.

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» Between the Folds Film website

Smriti Keshari (Credit: Forest Woodward)

Smriti Keshari (Cinematographer) is a ?lm producer, photographer and storyteller. Smriti weaves her personal narrative of adventure and multiculturalism into all of her projects. Her keen introspection on nuance and connectedness has manifested through a wide array of work, including feature-length documentaries (Food Chains feat. Eva Longoria & Eric Schlosser, Bigger), adventure sports programming (ESPN, X Games, Sur?ng 28 States: India) and photojournalism.

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» Food Chains
» Sur?ng 28 States: India

Maria Rabinovich

Maria Rabinovich (UI Designer / Developer) is an artist and developer interested in novel experiences afforded by new communication technologies. She likes to think about how these experiences frame information and effect our relationship to our devices and each other. She loves hackathons and building rapid prototypes to experiment with ideas.

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Gil Talmi (Credit: Smriti Keshari)

Gil Talmi (Composer) is a ?lm composer with a focus on socially conscious projects. Gil’s music can be heard in a variety of award winning ?lms such as the upcoming Savannah, starring James Caviezel and Sam Shepard and the Peabody award winning documentaries Between The Folds and Who Killed Chea Vichea as well as New Year Baby, winner of the Amnesty International Movies That Matter Award.

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