The Dreamtrain Project


Click on the image to interact with a demo of the The Dreamtrain Project prototype developed at POV Hackathon 4.

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Team: Steven Melendez, Cori Schattner, Lily Virginia.

About the Project: Part interactive documentary, part music video, part diary, The Dreamtrain Project creates a platform for artists to dialogue with their audience by creating a connection between the content the artist puts out on social media and her work. Using the song Dreamtrain as a model, users are invited to explore the different inspirations behind the lyrics and song.


  • Git: An open-source version control system for source code.
  • Heroku: For free web hosting.
  • Popcorn.js: An open-source tool to synchronize HTML audio and video with other events on webpage.
  • Handbrake: An open-source tool to convert audio and video files to web-friendly formats.
  • Dropbox and Google Drive: Free tools to allow developer, designer and musician to easily share files.
  • Google Fonts: A collection of free, web-friendly fonts.
  • Google Maps: For free, embeddable and customizable maps.
  • Facebook Comments: A free, embeddable commenting tool using Facebook logins for authentication.

Steven Melendez (Photo: Casey de Pont/WNYC)

Steven Melendez is a programmer-journalist on the data news team at WNYC. Having previously worked as a developer and reporter, he holds an MS in journalism from Northwestern University and a BA in computer science from Harvard University.

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Cori Schattner (Photo: Rochelle Schattner)

Cori Schattner is an interactive designer, strategist, and multimedia raconteur. She has executed award-winning interactive TV applications for brands including Lipton and Dove. Currently she’s responsible for architecting a supply flow for integrating eBook learning into K-12 classrooms.

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Lily Virginia (Credit: Forest Woodward)

Lily Virginia is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. She came to the POV Hackathon through her interest in the audience/performer relationship and how that can be changed through technology. She currently is wrapping up her debut album and be found performing live around NYC and/or in your living room.

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