POV is excited to announce that a.k.a Don Bonus and Kelly Loves Tony, two films by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Spencer Nakasako, are now available for free streaming through July 14, 2014!

Alongside ‘Hoop Dreams,’ ‘Frosh’ and other recent documentaries, ‘a.k.a Don Bonus’ provides a tough but refreshing look at the melting pot’s youthful future.

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aka Don Bonus is a raw and revealing video diary by a Cambodian-born teenager who turns the camera on himself. Under the guidance of veteran filmmaker Spencer Nakasako, Sokly Don Bonus Ny offers a stark look at coming of age in San Francisco’s inner city where he confronts the reality of the American Dream.

…[a] raw, tightly edited video diary…KELLY LOVES TONY is a rare glimpse into the lives of two young Asian-Americans whose tale is a real and moving slice of American life.
— The Associated Press

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She’s a straight-A student; he’s trying to leave gang life behind. A camcorder becomes both witness and confidante for these markedly singular yet utterly typical teens as they self-document the trials of growing up too fast and too soon in urban America. Nakasako deftly guides this video diary of a young Southeast Asian couple wrestling with the demands of parenting, love, dreams and disillusionment in the nebulous cultural zone between first and second generation immigrant life in the 1990s.

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