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Enter for a Chance to Win the ’5 Broken Cameras’ DVD

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 Watch 5 Broken Cameras on PBS tonight (check local listings) or while it’s streaming online for free through September 25th, and enter our Premiere Party giveaway for a chance to win the 5 Broken Cameras, The Law in These Parts and Ping Pong DVDs and posters! 

You can enter the giveaway before or after you watch the film — just fill out the entry form here.

Premiere Parties can be big or small, fancy or casual.  Here are some 5 Broken Cameras  Premiere Party plans from POV viewers:

  • “15 people invited. It will be a potluck with lots of good food, good wine and friends.”
  • “This party will be a learning experience, the film is very serious and has matters of freedom and expression. Wine, along with popcorn, and chocolate would be fab to serve at this adults only party. We will discuss the movie before and after, dealing with it’s aspects and people’s thoughts.”
  • “I will have five people here, and I plan to practice my skills on some Middle Eastern cuisine. I also took a beginning Arabic class last year, so I will be working on flashcards for some basic vocabulary.”

Premiere Party winners will also receive organic popcorn from Quinn Popcorn, Fair-Trade and organic dark chocolate from Divine Chocolate and Fair-Trade, organic and shade-grown coffee from Grounds for Change, plus a POV reusable tote bag.

ALL entries will also be eligible for the Grand Prize!

Enter now at:

POV Staff
POV Staff
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  • Montrealer

    This documentary, “5 cameras”, is propaganda. It has no place on a publicly funded and subsidized channel.

  • saelee

    Lets see all sides of the story

  • florida aussie

    Thank you POV for having the courage to show a film that shows the other side. The US rarely gets to hear or see the non – Israeli point of view. Thank you, to the film maker for his showing life as it is in Palestine during his years of filming.

  • Debbar0

    Israel is a loose cannon full of bullies!! I am appalled! I look at them and their government so much different now. Very informative.

  • Daniel Vallejo

    Fascist persecution and squashing of rights and thievery of property with impunity was the experience of the Jewish people for so long. How can any Jew justify doing the same to a whole group like that? They could utilize resources to become friends and invest on rising the prosperity of the Palestinians, instead they segregate them, bully them, build on their land and bring fanatics and racists to occupy the place permanently, and plant the seeds for future resentment. I would probably fight them too if they did that to my land. I detest Muslim theology and also ultra-right wing messianism of any kind. But my compassion, sense of justice, as well as my plain humanity and my Judeo-Christian ethics overwhelm any ideology on this issue. Shame on Israel on this one.

  • Tucker

    I was shocked and terrified. I could not believe live ammunition was used on unarmed demonstrators. Even the US uses rubber bullets. How is this in any way a civilized response? I am so ashamed of my nations unconditional support of the rogue state of Israel. I hope the whole world rises up against a brute that should be stopped.

    Two years ago I was aware of the destruction of olive trees by settlers. I sent a small donation through a peace group to replant trees. To see the actions I’d only heard about was so painful. I need to send more money.