Click on the image to interact with the Bisbee Interactive Documentary prototype, developed at POV Hackathon.

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Team: Allison Otto, Jeff Soyk, Brian Foo, Tony He.

About the Project: Bisbee, Arizona was once a thriving copper-mining town near the US/Mexico border, but its population has been dwindling due to isolation, the national recession and lack of opportunities for youth. “Bisbee” explores how the community has been reinventing itself by repurposing existing spaces and linking the disparate cultural identities of its residents.

Technology: This prototype is best viewed on a modern browser using a touch tablet with webcam enabled. Tested and developed on the latest versions of Chrome.

  • JavaScript: Our prototype is entirely built in the front-end using jQuery
  • CSS3: For styling, transitions, and animations
  • HTML5: Heavily uses the canvas element for image manipulation effects such as brushing and masking
  • HTML5 Media Capture: for capturing video feed from user’s webcam
  • jQuery UI: for dragging and sliding interactions
  • Hammer.js & jQuery Touchpunch: used to enable interactions on touch devices
  • Google Maps API: for generating custom maps on the fly
  • Photoshop: for creating the design assets such as buttons, controls, and images
  • Github: for version control and collaboration between developers

Photo: Vicky Du

Brian Foo (Technologist) is an application developer at NYPL Labs, an experimental design and technology team working to re-imagine The Library for the Internet age. Brian is also an artist whose art books raised over $30K on Kickstarter and featured in The Atlantic and Curbed.



Photo: POV

Tony He (Technologist) has been a software developer since 2006. His languages and technologies include: Java, Spring Framework, SQL, Ajax, JavaScript (DOM, CSS, etc.), as well as basic shell scripting (Unix flavors).


Photo: Della Kerr

Allison Otto (Media Maker) is an award-winning documentarian and photographer. Her most recent film, Keeper of the Mountains was included in Outside magazine’s list of “Best Adventure Films of 2013.” She graduated from Stanford University and splits time between Colorado and Bisbee, Arizona where she volunteer teaches videography and photography to local youth.



Photo: Jeff Soyk

Jeff Soyk (Media Maker) is an award-winning media artist. His passion for meaningful storytelling has lead to creating engaging experiences with a positive impact. Soyk has a B.F.A. in New Media Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and an M.F.A. in Media Art from Emerson College.

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