One Way Home

Click on the image to interact with the One Way Home prototype, developed at POV Hackathon.

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Team: Liss LaFleur, Kyle Ranson-Walsh, Edward Wisniewski, Dave Hall.

About the Project: Since the 1990?s, a grassroots charity has been reuniting Texans affected by AIDS with their families for what is often their last trip. One Way Home is an interactive documentary that places viewers within the AIDS epidemic though these travelers’ stories.

Technology: The prototype is best viewed in Chrome.

  • jQuery: DOM manipulation
  • HTML5 (Audio): Depend on native browser support for outputting audio
  • JavaScript: DOM manipulation
  • dataMaps: Used for data parsing, and DOM insertion of statistical data
  • d3.js: Used to display dataMaps output
  • Github for version control and collaboration
  • Vagrant: Used to simulation production environment for testing, and demoing purposes
  • Stylus: Preprocessor for CSS, helped with code maintainability
  • Node, Nodefront: Used to simulation production environment for testing, and demoing purposes
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Premiere CS6, Adobe AfterEffects CS6: Created design mockup, and prototype. Created visual assets for site.

Photo: Liss LaFleur

Liss LaFleur (Media Maker) is a documentary storyteller and new media artist from Texas. Her work investigates identity, gender + sexuality, loss, and historic parallelism. LaFleur is a Media Art Fellow at Emerson College and in the Fall of 2014 she will be the Visiting Artist in Digital/New Media at Davidson College.

» Liss LaFleur’s Portfolio Website


Photo: Alana Range of Radish Lab

Dave Hall (Technologist) loves to be on the bleeding edge of web development and is obsessed with automation and efficiency. While Dave’s been problem solving his whole life, he’s spent the last five years gazing into a vertical monitor to order elegant experiences for the web. Dave has completed coursework in the Information Systems MS program at Brooklyn College and also holds a Masters Degree in General Psychology from City College and a B.A. in Psychology from Binghamton University. If you’re not careful, he might psychoanalyze you while building you a world-class website.

» Radish Lab
» Dave Hall on Github


Photo: Warby Parker

Kyle Ranson-Walsh (Media Maker) is a producer & creative strategist. He spent a decade immersed in animation production at Pixar Animation Studios (Ratatouille, WALL•E, UP, Cars 2, The Blue Umbrella). In 2013 he independently produced the award-winning live-action short Cologne. Ranson-Walsh is a graduate of CCA’s innovative MBA in Design Strategy program.

» Cologne


Photo: Alana Range of Radish Lab

Edward Wisniewski (Technologist) is a skilled interactive storyteller and digital technologist. Combining a rich understanding of creative design and standards-based development, Edward creates immersive and interactive digital experiences. With over 10 years of experience, he’s an expert in user interfaces, understanding user experience, creating rich web experiences, HTML5 based animation, email marketing and agile based development.

» Radish Lab

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