Aerial Viewing

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Team: Gregory Prentice, Kelly Sears, Michael Scherotter.

About the Project: Aerial Viewing is an application that responds to anxieties and possibilities of tracking and surveillance technology. The viewer is embedded in this project through their location and actions. The application enables a ruptured and collective viewing experience – exploring the boundaries of what is known, unknown, visible and accessible.


  • After Effects: This program was used to mask, composite and collage layers of video footage.
  • Sound Track Pro: This program was used to create sound design for the film and design elements in the project.
  • Final Cut Pro: This program was used to compile video footage, voice over, and sound design.
  • Windows 8.1 – The application is built to run on the Microsoft Windows operating system to utilize the capabilities inherent in the platform such as: Inclinometer, location, touch, camera, and video playback.
  • C# and Xaml – The application was written in the C# programming language for core logic such as interacting with the sensors on the device and communicating with Microsoft Azure Mobile Services for storing locations.
  • Bing Maps for satellite imagery and location name services.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio and Expression Blend – The primary development tool used to write the code and layout of the application.
  • Microsoft Azure Mobile Services – Used to persist the location information that can be shared between users of the applications.
  • Node.js – Running in Microsoft Azure Mobile Services to provide cloud-based data validation.

Photo: Gregory Prentice

Gregory Prentice (Technologist) currently works as an evangelist in the DX group at Microsoft with a focus in the Media and Social spaces. Most recently, he assisted the Windows Azure Media services and Delta Tre teams in the delivering of the Sochi Olympics Lives video streaming.

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Photo: Michael Scherotter

Michael Schrotter (Technologist) is a Media Experience Evangelist with Microsoft based in San Francisco. As part of Microsoft’s media evangelism team, he focuses on explaining and demonstrating Microsoft’s developer platforms to companies in media and entertainment. Throughout his 19-year career in software development, Michael has specialized in combining software in innovative ways. Previously, he architected and developed CAD applications for Boise Cascade and managed software development teams and engaged with partners at Mindjet. Michael has a Bachelor’s of Architecture and a Masters of Architecture specializing in Design Tool Development.

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Photo: Kelly Sears

Kelly Sears (Media Maker) creates animated essays from appropriated post WWII American media. She reworks discarded magazines, books, orphaned films and other ephemera to investigate contemporary political narratives of power that include expansionist doctrines, occupation, and surveillance. Her work has screened at Sundance, SXSW, LACMA and the Hammer Museum.

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