Return of the Native: Hawaii

Click on the image to interact with the Return of the Native: Hawaii prototype, developed at POV Hackathon.

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Team: Lucas Allmon, Natasha Florentino, Hugh Hou, Laurie Sumiye.

About the Project: Return of the Native: Hawaii is an immersive iPad documentary about restored, rarely seen native Hawaiian forests on the Island of Hawaii via a coming-of-age fiction adventure story. The project is inspired by true stories of endangered Hawaiian flora and fauna told by the local people of Hawaii.


  • KR pano: Our digital narrative was built using KR pano to author interactive panoramas and virtual tour elements.
  • HTML5: We used HTML5 for the markup language and platform.
  • JavaScript: Created some of the interactivity and is used by KR pano.
  • PTGui Pro: All of the photography for the panoramic images were stitched together using this software.
  • Git: We used Git for revision control of the code.
  • Github: We used this platform for storing and collaborating on the code.
  • XML: The language used to author panoramic multimedia content.
  • jQuery: For DOM manipulation.
  • Final Cut Pro: All of the video clips were edited in FCP.
  • Amadeus Pro: Audio waveform editor used to edit and export all audio.

Photo: Lucas Allmon

Lucas Allmon (Technologist) is the Creative Director of, a new media studio in Santa Monica where he spends the majority of his time arguing with his computer, since it clearly hears, but doesn’t listen. He enjoys exploring the relationship between content, context and interaction in differing forms of digital media. When not doing that, he is in the mountains, on his motorcycle or on foot.

» @lucaskallmon

Photo: Armen Zohrabian

Natasha Florentino (Media Maker) is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. She is currently directing Abundant Land, a film about GMO agriculture in Hawaii. In 2008 she co-directed Rezoning Harlem, a documentary about the opposition to the NYC rezoning of 125th street. Natasha received her MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College (CUNY).

» @Tash_Florentino

Photo: Xiaoyu Hugh Hao

Xiaoyu Hugh Hou (Technologist) is the CTO and Art Director of CreatorUp, an e-learning platform to empower everyone to make great video content.

» Hugh Hou on LinkedIn

Photo: Natasha Florentino

Laurie Sumiye (Media Maker) is a Hawai`i-born filmmaker, artist and designer who uses moving image, digital media and organic materials through the study of natural and manmade environments. Her background in interactive media, journalism and graphic design uniquely informs her films and installations by combining technological, documentary and visual communication practices.

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