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Coming Soon to POV: When I Walk

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When I Walk premieres Monday, June 23, 2014, at 10 PM on PBS stations. (Check local listings.)

Jason DaSilva was 25 years old and a rising independent filmmaker when a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis changed everything — and inspired him to make another film. When I Walk is a candid and brave chronicle of one young man’s struggle to adapt to the harsh realities of M.S. while holding on to his personal and creative life. With his body growing weaker, DaSilva’s spirits, and his film, get a boost from his mother’s tough love and the support of Alice Cook, who becomes his wife and filmmaking partner. The result is a life-affirming documentary filled with unexpected moments of joy and humor. Official Selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. A co-production of ITVS. A co-presentation with the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM).

After the broadcast, visit the When I Walk companion site to watch an extended interview with filmmaker-subject Jason DaSilva, see what’s happened since the cameras stopped rolling, download a discussion guide and other viewing resources, find out how you can “make the world a more accessible place” with AXS Map, and ask the filmmakers about the film on Twitter on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 (the day after broadcast) from 7 PM to 9 PM ET (4-6 PM PT).

When I Walk will be streaming free online later in 2014. For updates on when, and for more from POV’s 2014 season, subscribe to POV’s documentary blog, like POV on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @povdocs.

POV Staff
POV Staff
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  • Matthew

    I would like to know more about Jason’s Medications what has worked and what he has or hasn’t tried . My Father has M.S. and was diagnosed in 1994 Has tried several meds. and therapies . I am very curious if Jason has tries beta-seron or any of the new oral meds .

  • msfighter2013

    God bless you Jason and wife Alice. You are an inspiration to all of us fellow MS fighters.

  • Valerie-Ann Belsito

    I also have MS , 20 years and really enjoyed watching this. I too have struggles and barriers but my 3 children and grandson keep me going. Each day I pray for some cure but .until then…just smile it does get better. I too have tried interferon’s, ccsvi, chemotherapy and no long term effects.

  • llkelleysc

    The rapid progression of your MS was eye opening. How do your viewers such as my “nosey” self find out more abt. meds you have tried & your present life? Documentary well edited. Enjoyed use of color and black & white drawings. I understand the handicapped accessible dilema. Spent 6 wks in a chair. Had to be carried up the kitchen stepa at a wedding at a CClub.

  • Barbara

    Huge congrats and gratitude to Jason and Alice! Jason diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS and he tried CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) procedure but did not benefit. We all benefit from Jason’s filmmaking and terrific character. Very motivating his story wrapped around young adult invincibility,a chronic disease, family, falling in love, aspirations, career, and facing reality with a positive attitude: make the most with what you have. So wonderful.

  • Gwen Ginocchio

    Kudos to Jason and Alice. This film should be seen by everyone. We all have handicaps. So brave to put yourselves out there like this. Big thank you. Women in this film were very impressive too. Your grandmother and mother are very wise and Alice is your miracle Jason. You’re both very blessed.

  • Nancy Friesen

    Thank you so much for sharing you story.

  • cuppajoe

    Excellent documentary on this subject. I have lived with secondary progressive MS for 30 years. It’s a damn nuisance. But it isn’t the end of enjoying life. We learn to adapt. The film certainly underscored this point.

  • Arlette

    To Jason& Alice. Thank you for this documentary, to let us see your obstacles. I enjoyed your honesty and dedication. You are both beautifu inside out. God bless you Both.

  • Shannon

    Thank you Jason and Alice for your honesty. I share this diagnosis with you. I am also a retired physical therapist nd much of my career involved working with persons with MS. Jason and Alice, your documentary was so real. The serious trials as well as the joys are included. I hope that you are enjoying the addition to your family.

  • nappycp

    I watched this documentary in awe. I could imagine the challenges Jason and Alice are going through. I am so thankful they shared their journey. My eyes are wide open now to the physical challenges people with disabilities have to overcome to navigate the world outside their home environment. Why can’t all public buildings be ramp assessible?

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