This post by POV Hackathon 5 participant Olivia Koski originally appeared at Creativist.

The Vision

A few years ago, Christopher Allen, director of a collaborative arts space in Williamsburg called UnionDocs, saw a movie made in 1984 called Los Sures. Directed by Diego Echeverria, it told the stories of several residents of the neighbhorhood during a time when the area looked a lot different.

Taking a 30 year-old movie as its foundation, Allen launched the “Living Los Sures” project, an exploration of the southside of Williamsburg today. UnionDocs has been home to dozens of storytellers who have contributed to the story of the changing southside. How do you tell the story of a neighborhood, then and now, when it contains infinite numbers of stories?

That was the question that Christopher Allen and Alison Kobayashi of UnionDocs brought to the POV Hackathon.

They wanted to make an app.

In one weekend.

That’s where Creatavist came in. Even though I’d never built an app before, I knew it was possible with Creatavist. But I needed some help. So I recruited one of our developers, Oliver Budiardjo, to participate. There was just one problem. He was an Android developer, and we wanted to make an iOS app.

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