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Spread the Word in the Final Hours! ‘After Tiller’ Airs Tonight

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Organizations and individuals across the country are getting the word out about After Tiller, and you can, too! After Tiller airs tonight on PBS (check local listings) and will be streaming for free online through October 1st, 2014.

Let your community know about the film. Visit the After Tiller Partner Toolkit for sample tweets and easy ways to embed the film trailer on your Facebook or blog, send a reminder email and more.

We’ve even put together some sample tweets for you below:

Meet the four doctors in the US still openly performing third-trimester abortions. #AfterTiller on @povdocs @PBS 9/1
A humanizing examination of the desperate reasons women seek late abortions. #AfterTiller on @povdocs @PBS 9/1
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  • Drellah14

    I cannot, in any way, fathom how PBS is airing this documentary. You are taking ONE side of this debate and shoving it down the throats of America, on OUR tax money but you have not announced any plans to air a Pro-Life documentary. There are plenty. Shame on you PBS. You are trying to glorify the mass murder of innocent children. It is in no way glorious and you are no better than the murders of this world for condoning such a thing. If you really are not being bias and not choosing a side of this debate, then the least you could do is announce that you’re going to air a pro-life documentary. There really are no words to explain the disappointment of thousands in the fact that such a small, relatively useless channel is going to try to stir up controversy and possibly gain popularity by airing such a show. Such a disgrace you are. Such a shame.

  • Peter Michael Beck

    Romney was right. Big Bird needs to be plucked and deep-fried for Thanksgiving. Third trimester abortions are barbaric to all but the most extreme among us. Even my liberal friends don’t go that far.

  • H Burchill

    PBS I am outraged! Not only that you are airing a film that glorifies butchering of fully developed babies! But that a PUBLIC channel, that receives millions in tax dollars, is not willing to give equal airtime to an opposing viewpoint in this hot button issue! A petition signed by 32,000 people requesting that you give equal airtime by also airing a film such a “Silent Scream” was completely ignored by you. Instead, you are using our tax dollars to fund your self serving agenda! I wonder what other kickbacks you are getting from the airing of this film? Anyone able to do any research on this? I have asked my state’s Senators and Representatives to de-fund PBS. I want my tax dollars to be used responsibly!

  • Lyle Harris

    I am nauseous have you seen the small body with a beating heart that is cut to pieces to put the problem away. Remember black people an Jews were also labeled as non-persons legally and murdered by those wishing to put away the problem. Surely we can err on the side of love and let these babies live to be adopted by loving parents who currently travel to Ethiopia or other far away places to adopt. We all share in this horrific blood of the innocence being shed with our apathy.

    • anne

      Nearly all abortions performed after the 20th week are of babies that were very much wanted but that tests have determined are either catastrophically deformed or pose a risk to the mother’s health or both. They are not candidates for adoption. If they were viable, the loving parents they already have would be overjoyed to see the pregnancy through. Did you actually watch the documentary? If so, can you specify where “the small body with a beating heart that is cut to pieces to put the problem away” appears? I didn’t see any such thing. If you have seen this someplace else, please identify the source, but don’t confuse whatever that was about with the subject of this doc.

  • mbm

    I just did and found it just as Drellah14 said. PBS has always been one-sided on immoral acts. This is no exception. Murdering an innocent human being is in no way “compassionate”.