Hello, Fat Larry

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Hello, Fat Larry

Hello, Fat Larry on a mobile device

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Team: Mark Harris, Mike Knowlton, Alix Lambert, Scott Macaulay

About the Project: A “fast storytelling” app for mobile devices, Hello, Fat Larry is a serialized true-crime narrative about murdered ’70s filmmaker Jon Pownall. Users navigate the stories of witnesses and suspects using intuitive swipe gestures. The app creates a data visualization of aggregated responses, prompting online fan communities to continue the investigation.


  • AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. The team used it to as a JS templating language to extend HTML’s syntax to express the minimum viable product’s components clearly and succinctly. Angular has helpful data binding and dependency injection which streamlines code and performance
  • The team used Google Docs as a dead simple CMS solution for the MVP. With Google Spreadsheets, they created a basic CMS to ingest content into the app via JSON. This meant they could spend more cycles on the Front-End/User Experience aspects of the MVP
  • The MVP is built extensively with JavaScript to handle all animations, user interactions, and data loading
  • jQuery was used mainly for DOM manipulation
  • The team used a number of CSS3 effects for animating elements, transitions, and loaders
  • HTML5 created the mobile web-app. For the full implementation of Hello, Fat Larry the team will consider either an HTML Hybrid Mobile App or a Mobile Native App implementation
  • GreenSock is an amazing Javascript library that helps create, optimize, and manage complex animations
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Quicktime were used for all graphic design, production, video and animation production
  • The team relied heavily on GitHub for ticketing, task management, code source control, and extensive inside jokes

Mark Harris

Mark Harris specializes in creating technology platforms focusing on performance and scalability. Mark was a creative technologist on Lance Weiler’s “Pandemic 1.0” at Sundance. He writes software for gameplay, storytelling, and transmedia. As a writer/director, he created The Lost Children, a combined feature film and live immersive experience.

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Mike Knowlton

A digital veteran of 20 years, Mike Knowlton has always pushed the boundaries of storytelling and technology. He is the co-founder of the immersive storytelling community StoryCode — which programs immersive media case study presentations, workshops and Story Hackathons — creating a vibrant cross-discipline community of innovative creators.

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Alix Lambert

Alix Lambert is the director and producer of three feature documentaries, The Mark of Cain, Bayou Blue, and Mentor. She wrote for the HBO shows “Deadwood” and “John from Cincinnati”, and directed shorts for MOCA tv, “Crime: The Animated Series” and “Ambiance Man”. Alix is also the author of Crime and The Silencing.

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Scott Macaulay

Scott Macaulay is a film producer and co-president of production company Forensic Films with his partner Robin O’Hara. Scott’s producing and executive producing credits include Gummo, Raising Victor Vargas, and Off the Black. He is also the editor of Filmmaker Magazine and was formerly Programming Director of The Kitchen.

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