Ask the Filmmaker: Inheritance’s James Moll

When Inheritance filmmaker James Moll was working on a film for the Schindler’s List DVD about Oskar Schindler’s survivors, he needed to obtain permission to use a photograph of Nazi commander Amon Goeth. The photograph was owned by Goeth’s daughter, Monika Hertwig, and when James called her at home in Germany, they began having a

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Soldiers of Conscience’s Gary Weimberg Answers Viewer Questions

Gary Weimberg and Catherine Ryan produced and directed Soldiers of Conscience, which had its broadcast premiere on PBS on October 16 — but if you missed the broadcast, the full film is available online through November 30. Last month, Gary participated in a live chat hosted by PBS Engage and answered viewer questions online. Time

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Ask the Filmmakers: Soldiers of Conscience’s Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg

With Soldiers of Conscience, filmmakers Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg confront the question of what it means for a person to kill another human being. As told through the eyes of both active military personnel and conscientious objectors, the film presents a dramatic window on the dilemma facing individual U.S. soldiers in the current Iraq

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