What’s Your POV about ‘Freedom Machines’?

Did you know that there are an estimated 54 million people with disabilities living in the United States? That nearly 70 percent of working-age adults with disabilities are unemployed? And that fewer than 25 percent of people with disabilities who could be helped by assistive technology are using it? POV’s Freedom Machines, which first aired

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Media Guide: Watch Feature-Length Documentary Films Online with Netflix “Watch Now”

We test out the service from Netflix that allows instant viewing of movies for PC users. When Netflix’s ‘”Watch Now” feature, which allows users* to watch* movies* instantly*, launched earlier this year, there was some excitement, until all those asterisks reared their ugly heads. And rear they did, and quickly, which is always how things

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Media Guide: Storytelling Through Visualization

During the Docs 3.0 panel at the Sheffield Doc/Fest, my fellow panelist Paula Le Dieu talked about how Web technologies are allowing for new forms of storytelling, specifically through what she called visualization. Here are some of the visualization websites she highlighted, which provide visitors a new understanding of very complex data sets and encourage

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